Monday, March 10, 2008

Redbridge Police Community Engagement Group

the Safer neighbourhoods logoThe Redbridge Police Community Engagement Group Launch is to be held on Tuesday 18 March 6pm-8pm in the Gloucester Room, Ilford Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1EA

This is a public meeting. If you have anything to say or ask about crime, fear of crime or antisocial behaviour, please come along and let the Borough Commander of Redbridge Police and the Lead Councillor for Community Safety hear your views.

This new group replaces the now defunct Redbridge Police Community Consultative Group that fell into disrepute after wranglings about the Chairman and community group representation.

The new group is a Constituted body that comprises a membership of:
a) The members of Parliament with constituencies wholly or partly within the borough
b) The lead Councillor for Community Safety plus 3 other councilors formally nominated by the council
c) One community representative nominated from each of the four Safer Neighbourhood panel area clusters
d) One representative from the Police Independent Advisory Group
e) Sixteen representatives nominated from any local organization that has been formally accredited for these purposes by the executive group.

Barkingside 21 has been invited to be one of the sixteen, has applied and has been accepted. If you wish to make any contribution via B21 please email David, our representative.

For any further information, a copy of the full constitution, or to make known your access needs, please contact Liz Pearce on 020 8514 9613 or email.
Anyone who lives or works in Redbridge is welcome to attend.


  1. Not much interest in this topic then!!

  2. Not necessarily what may I ask?

  3. Anon. You may.
    A notification of an event does not generally elicit any discussion/comments. That does not necessarily mean that readers are not interested.

  4. But are they interested enough to post a comment?

  5. Are they interested enough to attend?

  6. Interested enough to attend? With the state of the road network and the parking arrangements for meetings in central Ilford I have some reservations. I shall not be attending because it clashes with the cabinet meeting same evening. These events are always, of course, brilliantly timed......

  7. The lead Councillor for Community Safety will be busy tonight.

  8. He certainly was, first showing his face at the RPCEG meeting and then attending the Cabinet meeting where he spent much of his time 'smirking' in the direction of Cllr Barden. Was it amusement, adoration or just a school-boy crush I wonder.

  9. Schoolboy crush? Well it must have been delayed some 40 years then!