Sunday, March 16, 2008

Overhead Motorways

an aeroplane Airport International reports:
Flight paths into several major UK airports are to be reorganised under plans announced by National Air Traffic Services (Nats), the company responsible for managing UK airspace.
The plans call for flights arriving and departing to be redirected over rural areas in an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft on populated urban regions.
The reorganisation would involve four new holding stacks being created to serve most of the London airports - Heathrow, London City, Stansted and Luton.
Nats' plans are now entering a 13-week consultation phase, where people and organisations from the affected areas being able to have their say on the proposals. Over 3,000 stakeholders, including airports, airlines, local residents and businesses are expected to be consulted
Nats explained that the flight path changes - which would be the first significant overhaul in UK airspace organisation for decades - are intended to remove worsening air traffic congestion in the UK's airspace infrastructure.
"All these airports have grown considerably in the past 20 years - London City has grown from virtually nothing since the early 1990s - and we have simply accommodated this growth within the existing airspace infrastructure," said Nats operations director Ian Hall.


And here is a useful tool to see how you are affected. The interesting one for us is the proposed “London City Westerly Departures to the North East” bearing in mind the forecast for traffic at London City Airport to double.

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  1. Yet another nail in the coffin of a decent and comfortable life I fear.