Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Redbridge-i

a Purdah or veil No Purdah here. The post below entitled “Flatlining” was rejected by Redbridge-i on the grounds that it was “party political in nature”. Eh? Well, I understand that a Local Authority cannot get involved in party politics during elections and cannot be seen to publicise any political party. But, the forum is surely there for us, the electorate, to debate issues of concern that may affect they way we vote. The views expressed on that site are not those of Redbridge Council just as the views expressed in Comments here are not those of Barkingside 21. And in any case party politicking is not allowed on Redbridge-i in normal times!! So why the difference?

So, just under six weeks to go to the GLA elections on May 1st. If you wish to debate the issues then feel free to do so here, but whilst I will be relaxed on free speech I will not accept any blatant electioneering. Even though I am myself a member of a political party with candidates in this election I must maintain the impartiality and balance of this site. If you wish to make a guest post then please send it in by email.
Let it rain.


  1. As you will know, B21, those of us with experience of redbridge-i know that what is, and is not, allowed is heavily dependent not just on the terms & conditions of use but even more on the whim of the duty moderator on the day. Its only consistency is that it is wholly inconsistent.

  2. It seems to be consistently rejecting everything at the moment! Participants are sharing their experience - my mailbox is buzzing.

  3. Redbridge I had refused these 3 items within hours of each other, we may as well discuss fishing its the only thing left
    Political Restriction thread

    Yes everything as usual - 60 Councillors have managed 21 posts between them in 9 months ( See ONLINE SURGERIES thread) certainly dont see why they should start now in the interests of politics

    Excessive Building development thread
    And they are all 1/2 bedroom flats - so families dont get anything built for them any more!!- the whole thing should have been houses not flats. but the council will say -"Look we have built x number of homes", unfortunately they are the wrong sort of homes- purely for Developers profit not for housing need.

    On Line Surgeries thread

    One must ask why Councillors do not run on-line surgeries as well as face to face surgeries, this has to
    be the way to engage the younger electorate, who are used to doing everything on line, rather than a
    more old fashioned way.

    Cllr Cleaver- Cllr Bond – Cllr Moth? Your chance to be really innovative? It would be very easy for
    Councillors to have their own thread within the Forum to which only questions and answers be posted
    – the moderators could if necessary moderate out any debate.

    The argument that Councillors were getting used to Redi no longer exists, it has been running for
    9 months And there have been teach-ins by Redi itself ( though one wonders why anybody needs a
    course to logon and navigate about is a mystery to me)

    Apart from the above 3 councillors out of 63, the 60 Councillors sole contribution has been

    Cllr Weinberg 6 (only 5 published) Gives hope to all those that have had posts rejected
    Cllr Mustafa 6
    Cllr Goody 2
    Cllr Cole 2
    Cllr Clark 2
    Cllr Eyre 2
    Cllr Monro 1 – not published
    Cllr Prince 1
    Cllr Dunne 1 – but the same post in 5 different places

    60 Councillors between them have managed 22 posts in 9 months , so much for engaging with your constituents!

    We have on here 1 EX councillor well past the 65 retirement age( though not past his sell date) and certainly older
    than any current Councillor, who has managed to fumble his way to 470 posts!!!

    the reason

    Becasue Redbridge has started a six week purdah period from 18 March to 1 May 2008 because of the GLA Mayoral elections, I'm afarid your post was party political in nature, so we could not approve it


  4. Oh! Stop “Carping” DopeyF

    I had this rejected for the same reason.

    How does this apply when the candidates for Mayor are disassociating themselves from their parties and party politics?

  5. And here's another:

    Councillors, and Town Planners take note, the current works in Barkingside High Street are severely affecting buisnesses. TfL's 'regeneration' schemes are questionable, as evidenced by many residents and buisnesses, the schemes are primarily aimed at "better access for buses", whatever happened to better access for all? Something needs to be done or more stories like this will keep appearing in the local papers. De-Clutter the streets.

  6. Sounds somewhat silly! But, I know there are concerns in the Council that Redbridge-i has become a "moaning shop" and that it does little for community cohesion, particularly for our ethnic communities.

  7. Oh, really? Then perhaps the council should ask itself how it manages its obscenely expensive and grossly incompetent "redbridge-i". Nobody from the relevant Director downwards is prepared to enter into reasonable discussion about what does, and does not, appear on there. If you persist with your unanswered questions they threaten to ban you from using it.

    Few councillors, and those almost entirely from opposition parties, enter into any of the discussions. The cabinet members, despite what they are paid, maintain a stunning silence. The thing is a bloody disgrace.

  8. Could there be a correlation with the unpopularity of their policies?

  9. Morris Hickey has hit the nail on the head: the best way to stop a thread is to ask a pertinent, relevant question. Nobody will raise to the challenge and the thread stops dead.(Sometimes it is revived by some inane comment by some idiotic person, completely biased, and I am referring to more than one contributors, but 'you' cannot ask your question again.)
    What I would like to know is if redbridge i are aware of who people are even if they log on with fantasy names.
    Some 'flavours' of fantasy names seem to get away with more than people brave enough to put their real names.
    Could I now thank Morris for clarifying the rights of the public at area meetings, I am back on the warpath!)

  10. I have posted a couple of times to the mod on Redbridgei about the 6 to 10 hour time lag, (especially at weekends)from posting to publication (if you're lucky, after a while I got a reply.

    Please also be aware , new messages may take between 12 and 24 hours to appear, this is clearly out lined in the terms and conditions.


    If 12 to 24 hours is interactive i'm a dutchman!

  11. Congratulations to Barkingside 21 in running this first class website

    Having moved away a couple of years ago leaving behind the unpleasant Town Hall politics of Redbridge, I thought I would surf to see what was going on. The antics of Area 3 and other matters involving the Council make me personally glad that I am no longer actively involved in party politics.

    Good luck in the future. I will drop in now and again and may, if I am allowed as a non resident of the Borough, put in the odd comment.

  12. DopeyF: "one wonders why anybody needs a course to logon and navigate about"

    Because otherwise how would course-tutors get income and pay tax to the Treasury, Dopey?

    One day every activity will be illegal until you have attended a course to do it - won't that be wonderful.

  13. Anon: "...there are concerns in the Council that Redbridge-i has become a "moaning shop" and that it does little for community cohesion ..."


    The self-styled 'authorities' always say this sort of thing when they're losing the debate, which is of course inevitable in any situation that they can't control 100%.

  14. Nice to hear from you Laurence. I trust you and family are well.

    Of course you may comment. We have quite a few ex-pat readers now and not just in the UK.

  15. "But, I know there are concerns in the Council that Redbridge-i has become a "moaning shop" and that it does little for community cohesion, particularly for our ethnic communities."

    And concerns there should be now that ratepayers have an organ to voice their opinions that was not available before.The forum is not a "moaning shop" The council has Redbridge Life, and they dont complain about that. How comes they complain about the forum, the real problem is that they opened a Pandora's Box and cant close the lid, but having a good try for six weeks. They can now feel how much dissatisfaction there is - the answer is in their own hands- stop the scandals, and change the policies or is that too simplistic?
    to paraphrase Morris "they dont like it up em!"


  16. sigh.....I tried to post this on Redi, in response to Morris's deprivation in Redbridge.

    It was rejected as party political?

    If 'regeneration' relates to raised road surfaces, more bollards, speed humps, Controlled Parking Zones, more double yellow lines, no waiting at any time, parking restrictions and Pay and Display in Manford Way, then the 'regeneration' is questionable.

    In relation to the 'perceived' Crime/Anti Social Behaviour, regular broken glass in bus shelters, vandalism and graffiti, not to mention the stories that appear regularly in the local press, with headlines 'teen thieves 'raiding shops for drug cash' (Recorder 13/3/08 page 5, coupled with an increase in residential burglaries, the sound of police sirens and helicopters, I fear the 'perceived' crime and ASB is all too real.

    The poor health in the area has been acknowledged, with UEL undertaking a study on 'local eating habits', results will be collated and published in the near future to be used as part of a long term health stategy.

    We have a shiny new health centre, but with increased parking restrictions, make it more difficult for service users to use.

    Hainault has been removed from the LDF ,were the proposed developments unlikely to get past the Government Office for London? or were officers concerned as stated on Page 404 para 1.8 (a) that it was prudent to get the LDF approved,

    "before the Mayor of London's increased influence over local development schemes comes into effect on 6th April 2008"

    Might the proposed developments for Hainault (not yet in the public domain), cause a sticking point with the Government Office for London?, so Hainault was removed from the LDF?

    With the prospect of a minimum 9050 dwellings agreed to be built in the borough, I am sure locals will have something to say should Hainault (possibly Fairlop / Barkingside ) be looked at as to where the majority of those homes should be built.

    I am just asking questions, and stating local observations Morris.


    I hope someone has a word with the censors over on Redbridgei after the easter break.

  17. There are only two words I would have with the redibridge-i censors. The second is "off".

  18. Latest refused post on Redbridgei

    Dear Newbie, RE: Deprivation in Redbridge:

    Morris, due to the excessive, inappropriate, and down right arbitrary, censorship on Redbridgei during the current purdah, you may find the response to your reply on another website, with a more balanced view of what should, and should not be published, during the run up to the current Mayoral elections.

    This post has not been approved for the forum, this is a Personal Message, please PM the forum member you are writing to.
    This post is also in breach of T&C : off topic material.

    Redi manager.

    Oh well, looks like i'll be posting after the 'purdah' has ended.

  19. Anybody, logging on the redbridge i, has any idea who hunsa is and why he appears to have diplomatic immunity (although I would hardly call him diplomatic!)?

  20. hunsa is female - and not very logical.

  21. morris hickey said ... "hunsa is female - and not very logical".

    Wow, Redbridge should be flattered - could this be a ZaNuLab Minister condescending to visit your humble forum?

  22. Morris will be flattered.

    He is a former Conservative Deputy Leader of Redbridge Council.

  23. Careful, Dorothea, I might get my people to visit you.....

  24. Since nobody asked, I will have to show my ignorance and ask Dorothea what a ZaNuLab minister is, please?

  25. It is a play on words:

    New Labour - NuLabor +
    Zanu Party (Robert Mugabe's little lot of criminals) =

    hence ZaNuLabour

  26. Merci beaucoup Judith.

  27. Madame Anne

    On permet des langues etrangeres ici n'est-ce pas?

  28. Thank you for your response Barkingside 21 of 21st March. I and the rest of the family are very well (must be the sea air!) and not having to put up with with large egos and tantrums of some of the Councillors in Redbridge. Nice to see my former deputy, Morris Hickey, is still around and putting his two penny worth in!

  29. Monsieur Morris,
    Non seulement on permet mais on comprend et on repond!
    Madame Anne

  30. I've added babelfish translator to the side bar so you can now read the entire site in French if you want to. Just click the French flag.

    It does other languages too, and if you click the top of the icon you can cut and paste a phrase for translation.

  31. What a cool tool this babel thing!
    I used it to change English to French.
    The most hilarious is that they have completely messed up what I had written in perrrfect Frrrrrench.(I am one hundred per cent positive of that!)
    ps: Do you thing the redbridge i is unavailable today because of the change from winter time to summer time?
    That would be so funny!

  32. It isn't "purdah" at all. It's blatant censorhsip of the kind more usually associated with the times of Nazi Germany/Stasi/KGB/Mugabe and the like. And they're doing it with OUR money! BLOODY DISGRACE!!

  33. The Cabinet did not fund Redbridgei for it to become a moaning shop for the elderley or retired.

  34. Anonymous said: "The Cabinet did not fund Redbridgei for it to become a moaning shop for the elderley or retired."

    No indeed. No doubt they're sufficiently disconnected from reality by now to have expected praise.

    35 moans - sorry, comments, on this topic. Is that a record, Webmaster?

    You've lost me on Hunsa. Not a Minister then, I take it.

  35. Well, "anonymous 31 March 15.50" is a REALLY brave soul! And clearly not too strong on spelling.

  36. Ahem , in the words of one wise old sage....You are 'avin a laugh?, the cabinet didn't fund it WE DID!

  37. Well the statement at 15.50 that "The Cabinet....." gives quite a good clue to the identity of "anonymous" who posted it. In reality it narrows down to being one of about only six people.

  38. This moaning shop (B21)is good.
    Who is funding it?
    What did the Cabinet expect from the redbridge i? If you look at ceefax or teletext pages of letters, what do people do? Moan!
    Are they retired or elderley (sic) I don't know, but ,obviously they have too much money to spend on broadband and computers and too much time to keep harping on!
    Does 'anonymous 31 March, 2008,15:50' know what the Cabinet had in mind?

  39. Redbridge-i is operated (as distinct from managed) by a gang of overpaid humourless "jobsworths" of questionable ability.

  40. Have you been "suspended" again, Morris?

  41. Yes I have - for no more (perhaps even less) than is tolerated from others. One of the failings of redbridge-i is their inability to be consistent and even-handed. Very proficient, however, at going off duty for several days just at the moment when they have sent you a contentious message.

    Homage to the omnipotent Leader!

  42. "I know there are concerns in the Council that Redbridge-i has become a "moaning shop" and that it does little for community cohesion, particularly for our ethnic communities."

    The only reason the cabinet approved the Forums is because they actually thought that all the criticism would be directed towards Council Officers, and the would have a stick to beat the Officers with,shows how in touch they are!

    General De Gaulle said
    I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

    How True


  43. Redbridge-i will remain an expensive farce for so long as councillors who are cabinet members, and senior officers, fail to make any response to the matters raised by contributors. The silence is deafening and the council's Director responsible for the system refuses to meet to discuss the performance of Redbridge-i.

    What a disgraceful farce.

  44. The most recent posting by B21 on Redi was on the subject of the Nature Conservation Team and asked for a statement from the Cabinet Member and/or Director responsible. That was on Wed 2nd April at 13:35. I will wait for a “reasonable” period before follow up.

  45. Now that the redbridge i 's published forums have ground to a virtual halt, are the manager and helpers still being paid.
    How can they know the age of the contributors, genders and ethnicity?
    I am sure they know all about Mr Morris Hickey, but could they describe, let us say, dopeyf?

  46. Paid?! They're probably on bonus'. It is obscene how much Redbridge Council officers are paid when there are pensioners in our borough who can hardly make ends meet. Most equivilient jobs in the council are better paid than central civil service or private jobs. The officers protect themselves. Unfortunately our Councillors more often than not rely upon there opinions so much that recommendations are rarely questioned.

  47. With all the upset caused by Weinberg being described as a dictator, it is obvious Red i "operators" are of the same breed of inadequate persons. In fact the whole Cabinet are not very happy when people, like Morris, speak the truth.
    Even Hitler made out he "valued" the opinions of his country. I do have one question. Can a Jewish person be a dictator?!?

  48. Yes!

    Jews are just the same as you and me.

  49. Thank you B21. It is a great pity that someone of high position, and "IQ" to use the Race Card, in an attempt to discredit hard working people like Anne, David, Morris, and anyone else, who are trying to ensure that Redbridge is a great pace for you and me to live.