Thursday, March 27, 2008

News Round Up

news stand We are disappointed that after nearly five years Claybury Park management has still not been transferred to Redbridge Council because of outstanding snagging items and legal complications. It was agreed by all at a recent Area 3 meeting this matter should be treated with the urgency that this jewel in Redbridge’s crown deserves.

The new cycle circuit at Hog Hill has now been confirmed as a permanent feature and will be managed by the Council. The first section should be opened by now with completion expected in the summer.

There is a council feasibility study for a new project: “A Greenway for Redbridge” linking the green spaces in the Borough, connecting to the Roding Valley Way and passing adjacent to the Cycle Centre at Hog Hill. The route will be fully accessible, i.e. a step free facility for pedestrians and cyclists. This could however take several years to implement.

The Hainault Community Project continues apace. One wonders if the contentious issue of pay and display charging for parking at Manford Way shopping parade will be an issue that this new group will address?

In spite of mounting evidence that de-cluttered streets are safer, and other Boroughs removing road humps and other clutter, our Council continues to implement 20mph schemes with these outdated methods. The latest were agreed at Area 3 for Gilbert Colvin and Coppice Primary Schools. The London Mayor plans to make all London’s residential streets a 20mph limit without using road humps, yet Transport for London [of which he is Chairman] continue to fund road humps in Redbridge?

R.I.P. Ilford High Road Swimming pool later this year. What a shame when at the same time central government is telling us to get fit so that we do not become a burden of the crumbling Health Service.

We have been actively involved in all these issues.


  1. It would seem that LBR are intent on taking as many bribes from TfL to introduce deflection surfaces and speed humps as they can get away with.

    Yet highways seem to neglect the real problem on some of the boroughs streets.

    One has to wonder how much WE are going to have to pay to maintain TfL's hairbrained schemes?

    As deflection physics by their very nature wear out far faster than 'normal' road surfaces.

  2. I am really not surprised at the delay in handing over Claybury Park.

    Following experience with Redbridge Planning and Legal Depts over the past 4 years dealing with the development of an ecologically-sound leisure unit on land to be leased from the Council, I can only say that the amount of inefficiency and incompetence was beyond belief.

    The staff in the Legal Dept are experts in the kind of behaviour that Jarndyce v Jarndyce would recognise.

    The only way to get anything done is to get a friendly Cabinet member to kick them where the sun don't shine.

  3. Yes Anon.
    A case in point are the "rumble strips" in Forest Road and Hainault Road, which are now breaking up quite badly.

  4. 'rumble strips' are deflection physics of the worst order.

    like a driver does not know they have entered a reduced speed zone, or approaching a roundabout?

    Nanny state nonsense, that costs a fortune to maintain, but in the real world after TfL have bribed the council to install 'road treatments' the repair is far from adequate, when the rest of the 'treated surface' is disintegrating.

    I have found that, when officers are notified of disintegrating road surfaces, This is the repair that residents can expect, despite the rest of the surface showing severe signs of breaking up.

    I hate to think of the maintenace bill that TfL have landed the residents of LONDON, with their ill conceived and outdated, discredited traffic schemes.

    These Speed Humps have been installed less than a year and are already breaking up.

    I forsee one very large maintenance bill in the future!

  5. Re. the simming pool. It's not central government closing it is it? It's bloody Weinburger and his odd squad. Stop buying jags, putting your expenses up, Redbridgei, Redbridge Life and start spending on the things we want. Namely allotments, swimming pools, elderley centres etc! Roll on 2010 local elections.