Sunday, March 16, 2008

Manford Pay

a Pay & Display sign There are many Pay & Display Parking schemes, and Controlled Parking Zones [CPZs] within our borough. They are mostly in areas where there is some form of transport hub, a tube or railway station, combined with either shops or some other amenity that attracts people. These schemes are there to control commuter parking for the benefit of shoppers and residents. Or they were, until now.

There is one unique shopping parade in Redbridge. There is only one regular bus, no tube or railway station in the vicinity and no problem with parking. In fact, I am surprised there is no parking problem as so many people say they use these shops precisely because there is no parking problem! It is Manford Way shopping parade, and it is about to get a Parking problem.

Redbridge Council have approved a budget for 2008/09 that includes the introduction of Pay & Display parking restrictions in Manford Way and elsewhere a 67% increase in residents charges for CPZs. See report in Ilford Recorder.

CPZs were introduced with the promise to residents that charges would only cover costs of operating the system. That promise has been broken.

All this is a blatant money-grabbing exercise because our council cannot manage the books. They can give themselves pay rises, employ lots of expensive consultants to make decisions for them and buy two new Jaguar cars, but when it comes to managing the revenue budget they fall short of any reasonable expectation.

They are also in deep trouble with the Capital budget and there is about to be a Big Conversation with us the electorate on how to pay for it. Perhaps there should also be a “Revenue Budget Corporate Panel” and another Big Conversation, otherwise known as an election?


  1. I understood that Cllr Glen Corfield was supposed to be chairing this Capital Consultation Panel, perhaps he could be invited by B21 to either comment on this site, or attend a B21 meeting to explain the process, and the thinking (if any) behind it.

  2. There is only one 'big conversation' that the people of this borough need and that is just for how long we are going to have to 'tolerate' Councillor Weinberg and the rest of his spiteful and grossly incompetent menagerie.
    I have a very strong feeling that the imposition of parking meters in Manford Way is an expression of Councillor Weinberg's contempt for the local residents and their political opinions.

  3. Judith
    Our Vice Chairman has been attending the CPCP meetings and Cllr Bond, who also sits on the panel, has been helpful over on the Redbridge-i forum.

    Once we know how they wish to operate the "Big Conversation" we would be delighted to assist.

    I do believe Cllr Corfield reads this site, and if he wishes to comment he is welcome.

  4. Read the latest copy of Redbridge Life and you'll find a clue as to what the Cabinet are up to over the Easter Week-end. OOOPS!Sorry, can I mention Easter on this site?

  5. I just dont know how our council
    can give this 67% rise to park outside our homes. This MUST encourage residents to have their front gardens paved, which is something our council doesn't want,
    for environmental / flooding reasons.
    So is it realy worth it for them?
    To let the electorate know they are prepared to break promises and
    ideals...... Political suicide .
    Ron King

  6. Some politicians just have no shame, blatant money grabbing policy, ignoring recomendations put by scrutiny committee

    To quote Cllr Goody in the ilford Recorder "There was no representation at scrutiny committee meeting where this matted was discussed"

    See Page 80 EN 302 Where scrutiny members expressed considerable concern of the proposed increase in resident permit,on-street parking and business permit charges.
    We request that this be reconsidered by cabinet during the budget process.

    Looks like it was considered...and dismissed.

    Like Ron, said, breaking promises and Ideals, Political suicide..

  7. May one ask what opinions Hainault Cllrs Griffin and Waite have expressed on the Manford Way parking issue?

    Or do they just do as they're told by the Big Boys?

  8. From what i've seen Cllr Griffin supports the scheme one week, checks public opinion the next, then "will write a letter to cabinet expressing strong public opposition"

    At full Council on 13/03/08 Cllr Griffin explained that he fully supported Pay and Display in Manford Way.

    Cllr Waite refused to speak on the matter when invited by the Mayor, but voted with the party not to amend the budget.

    It was first posted on the Redbridgei here

  9. Just hope he changes his socks and pants at least as often as he does his mind.

  10. Are we back to carbolic soap, then?
    (Private joke with Morris!)

  11. For the benefit of my international readership “socks” is not to hit or strike, but “stockings”. “Pants” is not being breathless nor are they trousers, they are “briefs”.

  12. I knew a barrister once who dropped her briefs in court and was accused of soliciting.

  13. Did she get a suspended sentence?

  14. Sentence suspended? Corset was!

  15. I tried to post on the Redbridgei, an accurate account of what went on at full council on 13th March, the post was not posted (Redbridgei Censorship)when the Recorder broke the story, I tried to post again, this was still not posted.

    After listening to the Chief Executive of LBR explain the ground breaking website was a new way to listen and communicate with residents, and he had instructed all officers to treat questions on the Redbrigei like a freedom of information act request, (FOA)and to get the answer on the site ASAP, I thought i'd post again, still it was not posted, where am I going wrong?


    I first posted about this on the 8th January 2008, I made a statement to Area 3 on the 23rd January where Cllr Griffin stated "I fully support pay and Display in Manford Way", I informed shop keepers of the proposals.

    I read a statement to cabinet on the 19th February of the impact that this would have on the local council owned shops.

    On the 27th February residents and traders attended the Area 3 meeting, where the ward councillors agreed to write a letter to cabinet expressing strong resident opposition to Pay and Display in Manford Way.

    On 6th March Budget council met, I heard the remarks from Cllr Griffin (Con) to Cllr Goody (Con) that the 'lone' protestor to the scheme was in the gallery, I was not allowed to speak on the scheme, as officers explained that full council meetings were not like cabinet and Area 3 meetings, and that to speak you had to submit a question many weeks in advance.

    I heard the cabinet member for highways Cllr Goody dismiss a 150 signature petition from residents in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in South Woodford, as not legible, and the addresses could not be verified.

    I watched as the budget was voted through, despite recomendations from scrutiny committee and opposition parties that the highways account was in surplus, and the proposed increase in charges (and by association extra revenue generating spaces) are not warranted.

    I posted on here what had happened, I was assured this was yet not a "done deal".

    Tonight a deputation led by a resident, took two local small businessmen to the centre of the council chamber to hand in a fully legible petition of 1859 signatures from residents / businesses / shop users who would be severly affected by Pay and Display in Manford Way.

    YES thats right 1859 signatures and still rising every day, more signatures than some local politicians receive to get themselves elected, to represent YOU (or so they claim), the voting public

    Despite rigorous questioning from councillors from all parties, there was nothing that could be done, cabinet member for highways Cllr Goody explained to the petitioner, that he was too late, the petitioner disagreed, the chairman of Area 3 and a ward councillor for Hainault Cllr Griffin expressed his full support for Pay and Display in Manford Way, the other ward councillor Cllr Waite declined the Mayors request to speak, but still voted the matter through, in line with the party vote that agreed the budget.

    The vote to amend the budget to stop Pay and Display coming to Manford Way was lost 30 votes to 25, with our other ward councillor Cllr Leppert (BNP) not attending to vote.

    The two small businessmen left the council chamber, with one exclaiming to the conservative party that he thought they were the party in favour of small businesses?, and shouted at Cllr Griffin "you should be (expletive) ashamed of yourself"

    If your buisness goes bust, through reduced trade, or you receive a £100 penalty ticket,(reduced to £50 if paid within 28 days) you know who to blame, those who voted in favour, and those who did not turn up to vote against.

    It really was a case of, thanks for coming, nice petition, it's a done deal.

    A sorry day for small buisneses, and a damning day for democracy.


    This is a serious issue to local people, (as a near 2000 signature petition shows)trades and small busineses, so yes Dougal, those who turned up, did as they were told by the big boys!

    The residents and small traders were not listened to.

  16. Well, I can’t see why this post was not accepted by Redbridgei.

    Unless it was viewed as “Adversely affecting the reputation of a clearly identifiable person” or “Material that might reasonably be expected to cause distress to others” ie the Cabinet?

  17. So, no comment from either Cllr Corfield who is alleged to read this site, nor Cllr Griffin (can he read?), nor Cllr Waite (can he comprehend anything when his strings aren't being pulled?), on the unwanted and unwarranted parking imposition in Manford Way.

    Let's hope the Tories aren't relying on you chaps to win them the next council elections.

  18. I think that if the pay and display scheme is introduced in Manford Way we should have a whip round for a sign to have it dedicated to Cllrs Griffin & Waite. It would be a good reminder to the local people as they have to pay to do their shopping or if shops close as to who is responsible.

    I was at the last area 3 committee and Cllr Griffin supported speakers against the scheme, was reported in the Ilford Recorder as being in favour and has now voted in favour of the scheme. This is surely no way to behave and the people of Hainault certainly deserve better.

  19. Perhaps, the growing number of disgruntled redbridgei users, refused a voice when they are only reflecting the views of law-abiding, caring citizens, should be directed to Barkingside 21.
    Congratulations for speaking out for us.

  20. Redbridge-i is an unbalanced, slanted forum operated by a gang of "jobsworths" whose ability at unaccountable censorship would have done Josef Goebbels proud.

  21. Careful Morris, one of our Cabinet members will be rushing to the Ilford Recorder to 'report' you.

  22. Oh, I'm trembling at force 9 on the Richter scale.

  23. Hopefully the force 9 on the Richter Scale will bring down the Cabinet and make Redbridge a much better place in which to live.
    Anonymous DGS.

  24. I am sure a new blog will soon emerge about a new saga titled 'Crime and Disorder' but, whilst my mind is on it, at a recent Area 3 meeting, we were told that allotments should not be mentioned anymore and that the chairman's position on the subject had been made clear.
    Is that legal or is it censorship?
    I chose to put this on B21 because, amongst other reasons, redbridge i is in purdah.

  25. It's blatant censorship, and bullying. The chairman of Area 3 Committee simply wants to avoid the embarrassment that he is created for himself.

    It is perfectly in order to raise under Public Forum at an Area Committee any matter over which the council has powers that is located within the particular Area.

  26. Ah, now I know why Cllr Corfield has not yet blessed us with his insight - I have been told he is a member of 18, yes eighteen, council committees, so he is obviously far too busy saving the planet to deal with piddling little matters like communicating with the electorate.

  27. The Council website shows only 12, but with a further 8 appointments to "outside bodies.

  28. I understand that Cllr Corfield would not be on the 8 outside committees were he not a councillor.

    I wonder if Mr Hickey could advise us whether councillors still get any kind of meeting allowance, now that they get an annual salary?

  29. No, they do not, which is why some members hardly attend any. To be fair, most members carry out their duties conscientiously even if occasionally one or two do so misguidedly.