Monday, March 03, 2008


Greenwash of the weekRegular readers will know that I like a bit of continuity, and here it is. Hot on the heels of the Greenwash in the post below the BBC reports that us consumers maybe getting wise to this practice.

"The advertising with the really impactful imagery is being used by campaign groups like Greenpeace and WWF, which have the advantage of not actually having to sell anything but awareness.

So, with the overwhelming amount of communication about green issues, we do look to trustworthy brands to lead us in our environmentally friendly choices.

We should care about the "greenwashing" of advertising imagery because we all need to differentiate between brands that embody green and others that have simply jumped on the bandwagon in a bid for a fast buck.

As with the millennium bug era, we will move out of the propaganda phase."

Oh yeah, tell that to the government!
Click the graphic for Greenwash of the Week.

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