Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Future is....

roadworks … and the present … and a great deal of the past!
more roadworks....well, it IS in Barkingside High Street
yet more roadworksWhen is this useless Council going to get to grips with all these dangerous unattended roadworks?
even more roadworksThese eyesores have been like this for months with no apparent end in sight!
you should get the picture by nowMost other European countries would have had this lot over and done with in a few days. Why does it take almost years here?


High street roadworks 'losing us trade'.


  1. Until last Thursday I was under the impression that all this nonsense (holes, kerb buildouts,plastic barriers, revised bus boarding) was the work of TfL. It is not. It is REDBRIDGE COUNCIL's work paid for with funding from TfL - ie, funding from US the council tax payers.

    If it were BT, or Transco, or some other public utility that was leaving our High Street in this state for week after week with no evidence of work in progress then the council would (should, at least) be chasing them like mad. So why does our council get away with it?

    Three star authority my elbow. It's a disgrace. CLEAR THE STREETS.

  2. Bloody Outrageous. Ridiculous ISn’t it?

  3. I knew it, seems someone somewhere is in the thrall of these 'regeneration' schemes.

    I am quite surprised that with the fully qualified and well paid staff the council has, someone has not pointed out the obvious.

    If you build out a kerb you NARROW the road, traffic cannot pass stationary vehicles (buses) and the street gets blocked.

    Some bright spark will claim that the bus stop is just being moved further up the high road, WRONG, the pavement has been made wider where the bus will eventually stop, more of the bus in the high road will mean more traffic congestion.

    The same is true of traffic islands, and pedestrian crossing build outs.(see the Lowe Hainault), it has nothing to do with clear sight lines etc (we managed fine long before all of this), more to do with work for works sake.

    In Barkingside, cars when they go to park, cannot just drive into a parking bay, because the kerb buid out stops them from doing so.

    Car drivers have to drive past the kerb build out, STOP and REVERSE into the parking bay!

    More congestion stopping the free flow of traffic.

    I notice a few of the shops have closed, and do not look like being take over by another buisness anytime soon.

    Regeneration? The death of the High Street more like!

  4. "Outrageous" is a good word to describe this mess. One point missed is that the bus stop outside the swimming baths isn't in use. To catch a 169 you need to walk up Fullwell Avenue or down the High Street to the request stop.

    And what's it all in aid of? Creating congestion for its own sake? Making life difficult for anyone who wants to shop in Barkingside High Street? Does the Council have secret plans to buy the High Street on the cheap, so it can sell it to Tesco for a mega store?

    Own up, Tory councillors. You must have relatives in the building trade greasing your palms. It's the only logical explanation for all these daft plans and building chaos.

    Have you tried travelling through Ilford yet? If you think Barkingside has got it bad, visit Ilford. Same council. Same lunacy. Same waste of our money. If only democracy allowed the electorate to pass motions of no confidence between elections, this council would be out on its ear tomorrow.

    I won't forget, come the next local election. And I won't forget the council lie that its need to sell allotments was due to Red Ken twisting its arm.

    What a discredited bunch!


    All this is an ART installation. For heavens' sake, have none of you heard of Dadaism, of conceptual art or art trouvee? (sorry Anne, can't do the accent).

    Blackpool Sands has hundreds of Antony Gormley mannikins, Barkingside High Street has colourful barriers, some of them interestingly horizontal (thus upsetting bourgeois concepts of verticalism).

    It is quite obviously designed to be ocularly and intellectually challenging, since High St users must be both physically and mentally agile to avoid these artistic endeavours; in fact, the pavement build-outs are in future to be officially designated as 'Weinberg chicanes'.

    You have ruined the surprise the Council was planning - now the opening ceremony, to be immortalised by Redbridge Life and conducted by the Archdruid Gryphon, will have to be replanned, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

  6. The original objective of this scheme, and the reason it is funded by TfL, was to improve bus flows through the High Street. In order to do this, it is necessary to reduce the other traffic and the parked vehicles that obstruct and restrict bus movement. The residents objected to the one-way systems diverting traffic from the High Street and the Traders objected to reduced car parking. Rather than scrap the scheme at this stage, it was modified with the resultant chaotic mess. It is neither one thing nor the other. The Council need to bite the bullet and pedestrianize the High Street.


  7. Hi, Judith.

    Great answer. Love those 'Weinberg chicanes'. Very arty-farty. Tate Modern should be so lucky!

  8. Pedestrianise the high street? mmmm that will make it a success???.

    A one way system?? who thinks this up?

    It is Barkingside, NOT Romford Market, how well are the shops trading in the pedestrianised Ilford High Street? (Clements Rd Weinberg Chicanes)

    The better class of retail unit is located in The Exchange (With Parking)The shops in Ilford High Rd take a long time to let, and they are NOT high end retail outlets.

    Is this what is proposed for Barkingside?, some Exchange type structure on the site of The Pool and Library? how many shopping centres can continue to be built?

    The majority of Redbridges' residents move around by car, hence the traffic problem.
    and despite TfL's obvious hatred for the motorist, and as much as TfL bribes council's to make it as hard as possible for car users to access the high street, Britain, and the boroughs residents choose to use the car.

    All the taxing, guilt triping on emmisiions and the crippling increases in fuel duty, car tax etc etc will not change this.

    Punters like to park and shop, and no amount of 'regeneration' will
    a) stop car usage
    b) get a better class of shop to open in the High Street.

    Increase roadside parking provision, more free parking, tell TfL where to go, and watch the right type of businesses come flocking back to Barkingside,(Retail units, clothes fashions etc) this in turn will attract shoppers.

    Continue with car hating schemes, minor revenue raising Pay and Display etc, and watch MORE businesses relocate elsewhere, shoppers will dissapear,we'll be a borough of take aways, and the tumble weed will be blowing up the high road.

    An Unimpressed Punter.

  9. It's me again! (Or I)
    I can't believe that no Council member reads this blog site, and if someone from that august, highly responsible and competent organisation who can read it and does ,is it shyness or shame that prevents them offering a reasonable explanation - or is there one?

  10. I know that some councillors read this site - and I know it because they complain to people about some of my postings. So what?

    Bystander clearly does not understand traffic management, and evidently does not live in Craven Gardens. For the present situation the blame has to rest with Redbridge Highways Officers and the barmy faction on Area 3 Committee.

    What has been done now is utterly ridiculous and certainly the stated objective of improving bus flows simply has not happened. If anything it is far worse than it was before the designers got their grubby little hands on it.


  11. Judith, I bow to your culture but I am stuck in the past with the Impressionists and, although I have heard of Dadaism, I don't know anything about art trouvee!
    I must tell you that you are one of the few persons who can refer to my 'accent' without making me feel murderous because I know you mean it kindly!
    Now, because this is an enlightened blog and I am allowed to use French expressions, in Asterisk the Gaul, they use, constantly, the sentence : 'Ils sont fous les Anglais', mostly aimed at your perceived liking for warm beer, but that 'completely mad' label would certainly describe the situation in Barkingside High Street.
    If this was not wasting so much money, it would be funny.
    ps: this morning, at the morning coffee, I witnessed one of these stupid sit-on pavement cleaning machines and, as I had been asked to go and purchase some spoons for the event, I could not help notice the debris still left on the pavement (chicken bones!). Mad, mad, mad and so un-green.

  12. Is there any truth in today's rumour that a combined team from Transport for London and Redbridge Council designed the baggage handling routes for Heathrow Terminal 5?

  13. I must agree with Judith - It has potential for Art - how colourful, how imaginative, how incredible that the Council have finally invested in something recyclable as ART.
    Mind you - it baffles me why Health and Safety has obviously no place in ART????
    From a "War Wounded" - recently, from such ART.

  14. I am araid your all wrong, Redbridge is about to earn money from the Ministry of Defence who will use it as an S.A.S Obstacle Training Course, but it may be too difficult for them.