Monday, March 03, 2008

Fullwell Gong

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Did you know about the London Safer Transport Problem Solving Awards 2008? No? Well now you do and this years winner is……the Fullwell Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Awarded for their problem solving work on the 169 bus route Sergeant Chandler stepped forward to receive a trophy, certificate and a cheque for £5,000 last Monday 25th February at the award ceremony. The prize money (funded by TfL) will be used to fund further transport related problem solving work in Redbridge.

Sergeant Chandler said “Whilst very proud of the Team's achievements, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners from LBR, TfL, East London Bus Group, and other Police units, who participated in the Problem Solving Forum and helped carry out the subsequent work. Without their help we couldn't have achieved the successful resolution of the problem.”

He continued “Special thanks are due to Raymond Davis (TfL), Cllr Moth (LBR), Les Ewan (LBR) who helped set up the initial formation of the Problem Solving Forum. May I also thank the management and drivers from ELBG for their help and patience whilst working on the project. As a final note, thanks to Mike Foster from the Bus Garage for all his help, particularly bringing us a bus for the filming for the award submission.”
Well done to everybody from all at Barkingside 21.


  1. And well done too from the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association.

    Alan Howe, Chairman

  2. Perhaps one of these days leading Conservative councillors in Redbridge will learn the value of Harold Moth and stop the witch hunt that they have against him. "By their DEEDS shall ye know them" - and he puts many of them to shame.

    Well done all of those who brought about this much needed improvement.

  3. Congratulations, that is an excellent result.

  4. The Barkingside Business partnership would like to congratulate the Fullwell SNT for this award which is deserved and also thanks for making Barkingside a safer place.

    Paul Burke, Chairman

  5. As one of the Fullwell councillors may I express my thanks to all those who contributed to making this project a success and am really pleased that we were awarded a trophy and a cash award.
    Harold Moth
    Fullwell Ward

  6. May I add my congratulations to that of Harold's please as Chairman of the Community Safety Scrutiny Team. As some may already be aware, excellent work was done last year's Scrutiny Working Party to look at probems of crime on public transport, where it was highlighted that all 'partners' needed to be robust, pro-active & communicate with each other to solve this problem.

    Well done and best wishes

    Cllr Mrs Vanessa Cole
    Aldborough Ward

  7. It is with regret that I note from today's "Ilford Recorder" that the witch hunt against Harold Moth has led to his resignation from the Conservative Group on Redbridge council. Some of those who have been in the fore-front of the vile campaign against Harold are themselves guilty of far more reprehensible behaviour, but have got away with it where any form of discipline is concerned. They are an affront to democracy. Shame on them.

    Good luck for the future Harold. Keep on with your good work for the residents.

  8. Best wishes to Cllr Moth.
    He knows how appreciated he is but it does not hurt to say it again.
    So, come 2010, I will vote independent!

  9. Hickey, shame on you , what is it, sour grapes ?? Always the Deputy , never the Leader . Why do you continually slag off your party but still remain a member ?? Put your money where your mouth is and stand as an independant- stop hanging from the shirt tails of the Tories, be a man for once , Stand up and be counted , Dont hide behind politics , Stand up and fight for Queen and Country

  10. Mr Hickey is not hiding behind anonymity or politics. He is free to express his views and I am sure is aware of the consequences of his actions. I am also sure that having been a Councillor he is quite used to getting flak, deserved or otherwise.