Thursday, March 20, 2008


a construction site for yet more FlatsClick for the full piece from Dorothea. Extracts below.

"There’s an outbreak of flats all over southern England, and this nasty disease looks set to go through several stages, passing from “luxury apartments” through what we euphemistically term “social housing”, and on to slums."

Evan Davis has looked at the flat-building mania gripping southern England and some trendy urban areas in the north, to a huge response from the public, 99% of whom see a social disaster in the making."

"We’re still knocking down the disasters put up by the arrogantly optimistic architects of the sixties and seventies, who never had to live in their creations, and I reckon that much of the crud being built now will have to be demolished within decades. Will they ever learn?"


  1. Brocket Way, Hainault has had a severe over development of Flats, 20 odd flats have been built in a newly created side road called 'Tylney Close', at the other end of Brocket Way another development of 23 flats is under construction.

    Had it not been for residents opposing the sale and development of the land known as, 135 to 137 Brocket Way residents could have looked forward to in excess of 60 flats in Brocket Way alone, with no extra infrastructure to cope with an influx of residents.

    As it currently stands, Brocket Way has had approximatly 20 odd flats constructed, with another 23 currently being constructed, residents have been told by the council that the land known as 135 to 137 Brocket Way is now not for sale.

    However, if you look at the boroughs plans, the land is still earmarked for development, looks like one department is not talking to the other?

    Another large chunk of land for sale is the Hainault Reservoir the garage site next to the reservoir has been sold and currently has planning permission for 26 flats.

    The Hainault reservoir belongs to Essex and Suffolk Water, what gets built on the site is anyones guess?

  2. You should see the Queen Mary "development" in Church End!

  3. "The land known as 135 to 137 Brocket Way is now not for sale". That was yesterday's view. Is today's the same or has a certain person's mind been changed?

    As to the Queen Mary "development" we all now have a clear idea of what the government's proposed "super prisons" will look like.

    Too many of these flat developments are purpose-built slums when built, they do not descend to that status. Their position is aggravated by the "buy-to-let" market supported by housing benefit that the rest of us pay through our taxes. Planners seem incapable of either understanding or recognising that the crying need in Redbridge now is for 3 and 4 bedroom family houses with gardens whether those houses be for sale or to let.

  4. Does anyone remember a BBC TV series, must have been early 70s, called Doomwatch?

    I'm sure I recall one story about the building of high-rise flats, local people bitterly objected to them, planners and architects defended them and then one of the architects was (?)persuaded to stay in a high-rise block and went quietly barmy (I think).

    I have family in S Woodford and drive past the Queen Mary development several times a week - the traffic is terrible now, heaven knows what it will be like when the flats are occupied.

    Or perhaps that should be 'if', since I've heard they are having trouble selling them. But then I've never understood why you would want to pay a fortune to live cheek-by-jowl with neighbouring blocks and the A406.

  5. Judith I take it that's the NINETEEN-seventies...?

    You've summed up precisely why it's unacceptable. It's built on the almost-Tesco principle: pile 'em high, pack 'em in, but don't sell 'em cheap. A tatty and ugly development approved by HM government on a scale even bigger than the proposal refused by Redbridge on the grounds of over-development.