Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Numbers

a wad of £20 notes£400 million for low-carbon Britain
– Defra announces 2008/09 Budget settlement

The 1.4% real increase in Defra’s overall budget on 2007/08 shows the government’s commitment [sic!] to the environment with significant new investment in the following areas:
· low-carbon technology – domestic ETF fund increased to £400 million plus £800 million to tackle environmental challenges in developing countries over the next three years;
· sustainable waste infrastructure – over £2 billion Private Finance Initiative credits provided over the next three years;
· flood protection – spending £2.15 billion over the next three years; and
· Rural Development Programme for England – resources doubled to £3.9bn available to 2013

Hilary Benn said “Now is the time to act together to tackle climate change and protect our environment. The Government must lead the way by ensuring we are investing in building a low carbon Britain.”

Sounds good doesn’t. Until you realise that the cost of widening the M1 for ONE mile is £21 million. Multiply that up and see what you get. 100 miles = £2.1 billion and that’s just for one road.

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