Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barkingside Regeneration

Barkingside High Street without the roadworks This has been outstanding for some time. Back in May 2004 there was a Town Centre area action plan for Barkingside, which was perceived by most as an attempt to sell land and squeeze more homes into the High Street area. The most contentious proposal was to sell the land between the swimming pool and the Library for a block of flats above shops. So strong was local objection to this, that it was shelved.

Last year another report on Barkingside was considered by Cabinet. This contained the possibility of development of Craven Gardens car park, the roundabout, the Library and the swimming pool, the latter of which had only just had £1.8million spent on improvements.

This report was expanded to include the whole High Street and sweetened by calling it “Regeneration”. A £50,000 Feasibility Study is due to be commissioned, but has not started as expected and the funding does appear to be earmarked in the budget proposals for 2008/9.

The aim of Barkingside 21 is the “Preservation, conservation and improvement of the natural and built environment.” This is what we understand to be “regeneration” and consequently we wish to be involved in the process.

We hope that our meeting [see next post above] will bring out the views of both residents and business so that these may be incorporated into the Feasibility Study.

We welcome Lee Scott, MP Ilford North, Cllr Keith Prince, Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Environment, Mark Lucas, Head of Regeneration and Morris Hickey, Former Deputy Leader who will be in attendance and hopefully, YOU.


  1. Oh Goody Goody
    can we have a representitive of Highways there as well


  2. And by Happy Coincidence the Cabinet member for Highways and Cleansing is.....
    Cllr Peter Goody.

    I'll see if it can be arranged.

  3. I think you'll find he will be in McBroonland.

  4. No doubt studying "Best Practise" in John O Groats


  5. I have just noticed the heading to this post. Is it correct? Surely it should be "Barkingside DEgeneration" given the TfL-funded traffic gridlock measures?