Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Turning a Blind Eye

a CCTV camera Last month the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian reported on the sorry state of affairs at Gants Hill Tube Station. I meant to post on it at the time but it passed me by. It has now reached the national press and was on the BBC TV news last week with our own Cllr Aaron being interviewed.

The CCTV cameras in the underpass have been in situ for over a year but they are still not working. There appears to be a Health and Safety issue over connecting them to the mains. These cameras cost us taxpayers £150,000 [blimey, that’s three Feasibility Studies] but the really disgraceful part is that during the last year two women have been sexually assaulted in that underpass.

It’s TfL again and since I am on abbreviations – some JFDI would not go amiss.

Oh, and the DM says that TfL claim the council workers lack the correct training. Seems to me that TfL need some training in Project Management.


  1. And what is Cllr Aaron doing to speed up these matters?

  2. Whatever it is, it ain't working so far.

  3. When somebody is knifed and dies, the authorities will ask the inevitable question: why? Until then, it's "After you, Claude"; "No, after you,Cecil".

    Is this yet another failure on the part of that incompetent electrical contractor EDF, or is it simply the accountants at TfL and those at Redbridge Council wrangling?

  4. OK, I've now read the two linked articles, and I don't believe that Redbridge Council contractors do not have the requisite Elf&Safety or whatever credentials.

    On that basis, were I the relevant Cabinet Member, I would authorise said contractors to link up the cameras, and when TfL threaten to sue, or whatever, I'd say "oh boy, am I looking forward to the ensuing publicity!"