Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Telephone Slamming

a telephone I just find this extraordinary. It is beyond the fringe.

“Thousands of people are still having their phone provider switched without their permission despite efforts to combat the practice, the industry watchdog has said."

It seems that unscrupulous salesmen and women can switch your telephone provider to another without your permission. This practice is known as Telephone Slamming. The first you know is either when your existing provider writes to say they are sorry to see you go, or you get a bill from the new one.

“Slamming is so common because phone companies do not need a signature or written consent to switch customers to their tariffs." WHAT!

What is even more galling is all the hassle of switching back and that it costs up to £125 to do so. Even more disgraceful is that they target the elderly and vulnerable who may rely on their telephone line as an emergency alarm.

The worst offenders are, apparently, Pipex and Tesco. Now there’s a surprise. These people are in the same category as Distraction Burglars and should be treated as such.


  1. I have received calls from other telephone companies telling me about their "wonderful" service. When questioned they are unable to give my name and address, or the source of my (ex-directory) number and then admit that it is random calling. They are usually told to go forth and multiply (but not exactly so because the use of profane and obscene language remains an offence under the Telecommunications Acts).

  2. Yes I keep meaning to upgrade my old 706 dial telephone to one with a display so that I can have caller ID and not answer any call without a number given.

    Problem is that the keypad on telephones is upside down to calculators and I'm not sure I can handle that.

  3. Take a bold step. Ditch the abbacus, and you'll surprise even yourself!

  4. I've already ditched my slide rule for a calculator, give me time.

    You'll be wanting me to upgrade my 78rpm gramaphone next for those iPod thingies.

  5. iPods?

    Go Green, save electricity!

    Employ your own orchestra!

    It worked for Prince Esterhazy.