Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Signs of the Times

a Low Emission Zone sign
Or "LEZ miserables"? Yes, as of Monday 4th February London is now a Low Emission Zone. See BBC here and here. Now, I can understand having signs warning drivers as they approach the Zone and when they are about to enter it, but why do we need these signs scattered around Fullwell Cross roundabout? I haven’t seen them anywhere else, like in Woodford Avenue or Gants Hill. Maybe I missed them, or they have sneeked them up since I looked.

And our eagle eyed GLAM has spotted some even more ridiculous ones over in Chingford. Who on earth decides where to put these things, do they just stick random pins in maps?

Suggestion for whoever gets to be London Mayor in May. "LOW CLUTTER ZONE"
I stand corrected: Tomswood Hill and Fencepiece Road plus the Roundabout are not included in the Zone, but the residential roads are, so the signs are correctly located.
See the map. You have to zoom in to get the detail.


  1. Glad I'm not the only person who made this error!

    We were told that the boundary was going to follow the old GLC border, but in fact it doesn't and large parts of outer London are left out of the zone.

  2. Yes, I'm puzzled as to why Tomswood Hill and Fencepiece Road are excluded. There is nothing there that I can see that would warrant their exclusion other than ensuring a constant supply of Abbot Ale and Marstons Pedigree to the Fairlop oak????
    If that is the case, I approve.

  3. If Tomswood Hill and Fencepiece Road are excluded what on Earth is the point of displaying signs at both ends of the roads that run between the two, surely emissions don't simply sit in the exact place where they are deposited.
    I am really perplexed by this whole business and am beginning to think that someone with a GLA connection must have a financial interest in the production of masses of pointless signs. As I have stated on many occasions the only 'talent' that Mayor Livingstone has is the ability to waste public money on a huge and never-ending scale.

  4. I can see that people don't understand the way these things work in Rebridge. Let me explain.

    1) A lorryload of boxes are delivered to some Redbridge department which has no room to store them. They line the walls with them and make piles here and there. Everyone moans, because they get in the way.

    2) A member of middle management trips over one of the boxes and complains. "What are these boxes doing here?"

    3) Somebody investigates. "They're the new road signs, Boss."

    4) "Well get 'em out of here. Assign a team to put them up."

    5) "Where?"

    6) "Around the Borough. Just clear this space. It's a health and safety issue."

    7) Right, boss. Will do."

    8) So the assigned team fills a lorry and drives round the Borough, putting up signs at random until they're all used up. Job done. Space cleared.

  5. dgs: you know it's a money-making ruse, I know it's money-making ruse, and now that the Mayor has said it isn't about revenue-raising, we ALL know it's a money-making ruse.

  6. Judith,
    For Whom?

    Once we take account of the operating costs it could be that the only financial beneficiaries would be the contractors?

  7. The contractors? Hmmmm. Which family member owns them then, eh?

    There's certainly political capital to be made, with the BBC prattling on about how "radical" it supposedly is. Pah! A job lot of greenwash more like.

  8. Money-making for Mr Livingstone's pet projects - do you recall that the congestion charge was not meant to be a revenue-raiser, oh no sirree, like hell.

    Mr Livingstone is paying out gazillions of my money and yours to dubious enterprises via the London Development Agency, whose idea of fiscal rectitude would win approval from Robert Maxwell.

    He is also, together with this misbegotten Government, spending even more of my money (without asking me) on what I have seen delightfully termed as The Anabolic Steroids Abusers Convention in 2012.

    Like the plant in the Little Shop of Horrors, what we hear from Mr Bronchitis's purse all the time is 'feed me, feed me'. How long will it be before all car-owners are snared into this scheme?

  9. Just been watching reports about Mr Jasper on the BBC news. Apparently the Assembly get to ask questions tomorrow. No doubt our GLAM will keep us posted.

    Also the Government [ie GB/PM] is to pay £1.7billion [of our money] to cover their OWN disastrous PPP that resulted in the collpase of Metronet. Ken was right on that one.

  10. Ken does not have power to follow logical boundaries such as the M25 because part of it is outside of the former GLC area.

    So he must allow traffic already on roads which cross the boundary to continue to travel along those roads to the first suitable reversing point, with roundabouts being especially suitable.

    This also explains why there are signs on Redbridge roundaout and the A406 at the first roundabout after the M11 joins it.


  11. Ken is being two-faced in this, as he has also added many hundreds of extra fume belching diesel buses to London's roads.

    I'm not saying that the LEZ is bad, as in my view it should be nationwide, even planet wide (after all, the entire planet is our 'living space'), but what I am saying is that he should have backed up his desire to see cleaner air by introducing electric trolleybuses and even been replacing diesel buses with trolleybuses.

    Trolleybuses are as clean as London's many electric railways, and would have resulted in a true breath of fresh air for London.

    Instead, with one hand he acts to reduce the pollution, and with the other hand he acts to increase it - especially the dangerous diesel particulates, NOx, etc which being smaller / finer particles more easily embedd themselves deep within our lungs, causing respiratory disease.

    As a report for DEFRA back in 2004 found, Redbridge is especially bad for air pollution of the type which is given off by heavy duty diesel engines (eg: buses & lorries)

    It does seem that the people who have power have only a superficial interest in human health - maybe they feel that we are overcrowded and therefore illness thinning the numbers would be a desirable acheivement?

  12. Really, Simon!! Ken two-faced? Only two???