Sunday, February 10, 2008

Redbridge Greenway

a section of the existing Roding Valley WayYou will know that a new cycle circuit is being provided up at Hog Hill in Hainault. We had understood this to be a temporary feature but it has now been confirmed to be permanent and will be managed by the Council’s Culture, Sport and Community Learning [CSCL] department. The first section should be opened later this month with completion expected in the summer, around July. Funding came from the ODA, but future maintenance is down to Redbridge Council.

CSCL have employed Sustrans to assist in the Feasibility Study for a new project: 'A Greenway for Redbridge' [scroll down] linking the green spaces in the Borough (Wanstead, Valentines, Fairlop and Hainault Forest), connecting to the Roding Valley Way [a section pictured] and passing adjacent to the Redbridge Cycle Centre at Hog Hill.

The route will be fully accessible, i.e. a step free facility for pedestrians and cyclists in line with current legislation, and will form part of the Borough Cycle Network. Equestrian impacts along the Greenway will be considered at the next stage of scheme development.

The Greenway seeks an exemplar standard in alignment, materials and design. None of these details have been determined yet, so precise alignment, type of surfacing, lighting etc will depend on the consultation process, traffic impact and environmental considerations. The Borough standard for leisure cycle routes is a loose bound aggregate which is free draining and sympathetic to the landscape, in urban sections of the network a combination of dedicated lanes and shared road space is standard. Road crossings are by Toucan crossings.

Funding for the initial feasibility work has been secured from TfL, further funding must be secured for the delivery of a preferred alignment, traffic impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, detailed design and implementation. Suitable external funding mechanisms will need be to be sourced to enable this project to proceed.

Consideration is being given to off-road alternatives particularly on the approach to Hog Hill itself which would entail obtaining permission from ‘Land Owners’ (Crown Estates). Maintenance of routes in third party ownership will be covered by agreement.

The preferred alignment will need to go through the Councils committee process in order to be approved as a 'proposal', further approvals will be required according to the alignment under consideration. This is all in the early stages, with many obstacles to overcome, and could take several years to implement.

For more information on cycling in Redbridge see here.
With thanks to Ron King, Riverside Concern and Rogan Keown, Group Manager Transportation, Redbridge Council.


  1. This looks brilliant.

    BTW I saw this link while looking into the Bristol furore;

    With the comment from someone else that it looks like Chairman Ken is trying to steal Sian's clothes.

    Is Chairman Ken hoping that some Green gloss will save his failing commissarship?

    What do you reckon to it?

  2. Ken's second term of office has been marked by needing the two Green Assembly Members to get his budget approved.

    Read into that what you will. But it is clear that he wants the second preference votes from Green voters. Whether or not he go all the way with High Heels and a Blonde Wig before 1st May is a moot point.

  3. B21 said; "Whether or not he go all the way with High Heels and a Blonde Wig ..."

    I imagine that fear of disapproval from his dear friend and comrade Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi may sway Ken's views away from this course.

    BTW how did the Mayor's extraordinary meeting last Thursday go?

  4. Knowing Ken he'd probably combine it with a Burkha.

    I've been waiting for our GLAM to post on the Thursday events. Presumably, the lack of any report means he's managed to shovel it under the carpet.