Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kill the Conversation

poster promoting road safety awarenessLast December I was discussing the relative merits of 20mph zones as opposed to enforcing the law on use of mobile phones whilst driving, with regard to road safety.

It is not often that I can applaud a government information advertisement, but I saw one such last week on TV. Somebody, somewhere has been doing some lateral thinking and I am impressed. Whoever you are I salute you.

It is tackling the use of mobile phones whilst driving from the other end. The person to whom the driver is speaking [providing they are not also driving of course]. The message is simple, if you are talking to somebody who is using a mobile phone whilst driving – HANG UP!

Frankly I don’t care if it’s “hands free” or one of those Star Trek earpieces. They are not concentrating on the road. As the advertisement says:


  1. But if you are listening to radio, especially a talk programme, or your beloved is describing something particularly complex to you, or your grandson in the back seat wants an explanation of the Universe NOW please Grandma, you are also diverting some attention from your driving.


  2. Sounds like a question for Weggis. I will ask him.

  3. Ah! I don't listen. Mrs Weggis says I am really good at it. I didn't hear the kids crying at 3am either. It's a bloke thing, we focus, we can only do one thing at a time. Distract us and we are in trouble.
    Women, on the other hand, are much better at multi-tasking, but there are limits.
    Frankly all car passengers, especially women and children, should be belted and gagged and the radio turned off.

  4. Now I think I understand what "weggis" means - Where Every Girl Giggles In Silence.......

  5. Oh! Radios are provided in cars for the purpose of entertainment whilst stuck in a traffic jam in Barkingside High Street or whilst waiting for the missus to emerge from the house for the third time having changed her outfit, checked her make-up and checked that the gas is turned off.
    My earliest introduction to car radios was back in the 50s when calling for a mate who was with his dad in the car listening to the radio because his mum and sister were having a scream 'n scratch session inside.

  6. What's really annoying is when you're employed by a corporation which insists that no customer may be prevented from being relieved of their 50p a minute into the company coffers. Regardless.

    So much for corporate irresponsibility. Shows their priorities, doesn't it?

  7. And it all clocks up on the growth in GDP, [by which governments measure themselves]. You know the GDP that is the sum of all the "value adds" in the economy.

  8. Car radios - Barkingside High Street. What an idea! Join the biggest traffic jam in Redbridge with car windows wide open and radio turned to maximum volume..... It could bring a whole new meaning to the idea of protest.

  9. Yup, killing and injuring people are great for the economy under current GDP yardsticks.


    Reasonable people might conclude that such yardsticks need chopping up for firewood before they do any more damage.

  10. A price for everything and a value for nothing.

  11. morris hickey said...
    "Join the biggest traffic jam in Redbridge with car windows wide open and radio turned to maximum volume..... It could bring a whole new meaning to the idea of protest."

    And fire off multiple rounds of ammunition into the air, we can make like the Balkans.

  12. I don't know if being on the mobile is terribly 'distracting' for the young male drivers because they still notice the pretty girls (and that's not me!)