Wednesday, February 20, 2008


 the real thing - bull sh*tYes, I did consider a different title for this post!
The Local Government Association have been giving Local Councils earache over their use of language. Phrases like “holistic governance” are no longer allowed it would seem. Not that we get any of that here in Redbridge of course, assuming we understand what it means.

The BBC quote a council document:
“Building on previous sectoral reviews the pre-tender review will take a holistic approach, looking towards future service delivery and contracting arrangements ..”

But they are not the only ones. “Blue sky approach” and “brown bag session” as well as “footfall” are all the rage up in the City and at meetings of businessREDBRIDGE.

And here is a job that Weggis may like to consider.
Head of Horizon Planning:
Horizon Scanning (HS) is the systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities and likely developments, including but not restricted to those at the margins of current thinking and planning. The Horizon Scanning Centre’s (HSC) main aims are to undertake HS for Government and to help Government Departments raise their HS capabilities. In this high profile role, you will be expected to develop the HSC’s vision and direction, leading and creating the best mix of teams and resources. You will continue to build and maintain the high level cross-Government market for strategic futures products and services, working with other relevant centres and cross-Government groups as necessary. You will lead in improving further the evidential and analytical basis for horizon scanning, so that the UK Government is positioned increasingly at the cutting-edge of the field.


  1. Head of Horizon Planning remit (translation):

    Think of and develop ways in which the State can further intrude into citizens' lives, thus infantilising them and making them more dependent on the State, thus assuring their votes for whichever Party refuses to turn off the tap of State benefits.

  2. I was doing Horizon scanning 40 years ago with International Computers(it is purely coincidental that I left after 4 years just before we reviewed the first 5 year plan) It was gratifying to see some of the things we forecast for 15 and 20 years ahead come to fruition.So dont mock it,a great thing if done properly, if only the government and local government did it, instead of only thinking of the next election.