Sunday, February 10, 2008

Earth, Wind and Fire

Jean Lambert with a windmill

Over in Rainham, in 2006, the local Fire Station installed a Windmill to offset their use of electricity from the grid and do their bit to cut carbon emissions. They say there have been no objections since.
Next door in Waltham Forest, the London Fire Brigade has applied to install a single Wind turbine at Chingford Fire Station on the corner of The Ridgeway and College Gardens, but local Councillors are questioning the plan.
Walthamstow resident and green campaigner Jean Lambert has visited the site with her own windmill [pictured] to show that there is plenty of renewable energy around that could be harnessed to provide power for the local fire service. She said:
"The proposed turbine is in fact very small, more like the height of a telegraph pole than the sort you see in remote areas. The blade is 5.4m in diameter, so it would barely be higher than the existing fire tower on the site.”
If this is the beginning of a roll out programme for the London Fire Brigade, I wonder what will be the reaction of Redbridge Councillors to any such planning applications here? They cannot comment of course because that would prejudicial, so we can only wait and see.

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