Thursday, February 21, 2008


RSPB Logo We [RSPB] are encouraging our supporters – and everyone who loves nature – to ‘leave it off’ on the UK’s first Energy Saving Day, 27 – 28 February.

The RSPB’s Director of Conservation, Dr Mark Avery, said: "The UK is struggling to cut its emissions every year, even as the impacts of climate change begin to appear around us: birds nesting earlier and falling out of synch with their insect food, migrant birds over-wintering in the UK instead of flying south."

The organisers are going to track demand on the National grid, minute by minute, on their website.

Of course if you are reading this, it’s not going to make any difference because you will already be doing all the things suggested. You aren’t! Click! Well you could have a night out at the Area Committee 3 meeting at Hainault Community centre. Fancy dress optional.


  1. I read the agenda for the Area 3 meeting, and hyperventilated with excitement.

    You should not taunt us wrinklies with such glamorous temptations.

  2. I used to be a Muppet Show fan until I discovered Area 3......

  3. Who are the two old boys sitting in the balcony?

  4. Well, we know who Miss Piggy is, don't we?

  5. Yes - and she's surrounded by muppets!