Friday, February 01, 2008

Cold Calling

Safer Neighbourhood Team logoThe local Police have had quite a few calls recently about Cold Callers [calling on behalf of a well known energy company] trying to get residents to change their energy supplier. They have been worried about their authenticity and the pressure sales tactics. I have had them call twice but on both occasions it was a single person.

So it is very worrying that one resident reports two callers who asked to enter the premises and read the meter. It may well have been genuine but this is a typical tactic for distraction burglary.

The Redbridge Police are in the process of trying to make the whole of Redbridge a “No Cold Calling” zone. A number of small localised Zones have already been implemented. Please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team if you are interested in setting one up.

And if you are reading this, you also have plenty of information on the internet to compare the prices of energy suppliers. Example, or google search.


  1. Yup, had a single caller this week from Southern Electricity. I said I didn't want to change my supplier, he said it wasn't about change - like hell!

    I said a firm goodbye and shut the door pronto.

  2. I once had a cold caller from Dim-Power who was so rude that I rang Ofgem to complain and they got me £10 compensation and a letter of apology.

    These No Cold Calling zones are a great idea, and really taking off now. Only trouble is my council doesn't seem to have any interest in them, and nor do local do-gooders. Possibly because they know that people round here have relatively little money and it's mainly their mates in the corporate charities that come round - exploiting the kindheartedness of the poor as usual.

    As for uswitch, I found that no use at all. Last time I looked it didn't take into account the operation of the different discounts (d/d, dual fuel) variable rates for the first x kwh, and whether there is a standing charge etc.

    The charging structures are now so incredibly complicated that it's virtually impossible to compare potential costs. Can't think why !!!

  3. PLEASE be aware that a number of British Gas Uniforms were stolen in Manchester last week.
    Do not allow any British Gas Person into your house unless you are expecting one by appointment. We do not need to remind you to request their identity card if in doubt refuse entry and call British Gas or Diall 999,

    John Coombes Redbridge Pensioners Forum

    Information from SNT Team Aldborough ward

  4. About an hour after I read this post, I had a knock on the door from a foreign man with a flashy beard who thrust his ID card under my nose (despite the fact that I'd got my chain on the door). The card identified him as a Southern Electric manager. He started to give me salestalk about a tariff that meant I was paying way over the odds for my energy. He gave the impression that this tariff was set by some official agency and that my energy company was breaking the rules by overcharging me. I told him I would check out Southern Electric's deal on the Internet. He ticked something on his clipboard and I shut the door.

    His ID card looked genuine. I think the police should be chasing Southern Electric for running a fraudulent sales campaign.

    P.S. Nice one, Dorothea!