Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cleansing & Pot Holes

Does Redbridge Deserve its 3 Star Rating?

Dear Editor,
I have this afternoon spoken to a woman at the Council cleaning department to complain (1) of the lack of cleaning of local pavements - I walked along Felstead and up Fullwell Avenue this morning and the general state of littering of the pavement and particularly in the alleyway leading from Fullwell to Felstead, dogs mess, was absolutely disgusting as well as dangerous.
Complain number (2) concerned the amount of deep potholes in local roads - the road I instanced on this occasion was Forest Road but you could make the same comment about any number of roads in the area - as the driver of a decent car I am constantly having to stop and let oncoming traffic pass so that I can pull out rather than dive into the pothole in front of me.
You may remember that some years ago at an Area 3 meeting I extracted from Alan Weinberg, then the responsible cabinet member that road cleaning and maintenance would improve - it did for a while but now it appears to have dropped off again - we seem to be paying more and more tax in one way or another (Council/Road/Petrol etc) for less and less service - it may be that some posteriors have got rather too comfortable in their plush Council chairs and need a swift boot applied to them.


  1. In a word - NO! It is achieved by a process of self-assessment, and therefore self-delusion. Tick the right boxes, do not attract too many questions from sample surveys, and you're through. It then puts you on the same level as Hackney, Haringey, Newham, Tower Hamlets, and Waltham Forest to name but five. Great. Its purpose? For the government to be able to say at the next election just how much improvement they have brought to public services. Balderdash!!

    What is the reality? Last Wednesday (13 February) there was a vehicle failure for kerbside collection of recyclable materials. A substitute vehicle was unable, apparently, to collect paper which this week was very much the bulk of my contribution. The collection team could not be bothered to ring my doorbell and explain; I had to stop their vehicle and ask them. I emailed the council's Recycling Officer to ask when the collection would be completed and, for good measure, copied in the Director of Environmental Services and the Director of Performance & Customer Services. No reply. I emailed again. No reply. I then emailed the Leader of the Council, Councillor Alan Weinberg (well-known for not replying) and the Chief Executive. No reply. I emailed them again. No reply. I sent them a third email (making 5 in all) and still no reply.

    Three stars my elbow!

  2. Having set them a deadline of 12 noon today (failing which further action would ensue) a MANAGER called at 11.25 to remove the paper.

    I am grateful to him, but three stars my elbow!