Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheeky Girl v. Men in Suits

a green heart shaped pendant On Valentines Day there was a London Mayoral Hustings event in Westminster organised by Green Alliance. Given the organisers and the biased audience you would expect Green issues to be at the fore, and they were.

First up was Sian Berry who rather cheekily started her speech thus: "First I'll speak for five minutes and tell you about my ideas. You've heard them before, they're the Green policies - things that will build a London that is not only a greener place, but also a better, more affordable place to live. Then, after me, these men in suits will stand up and agree with me." And they did.

You can see a video recording of each candidate’s speech by clicking on their name following: Sian Berry - Boris Johnson - Ken Livingstone - Brian Paddick

According to the [admittedly biased] Green commentators present Ken was, apparently, quite good, Boris unimpressive and Paddick a grey man in a suit.

Both Ken and Brian agreed that Jenny Jones was the best person to deal with the conditions placed on the McOlympics that only allow organic and locally sourced food to be supplied by the sponsors; Ken saying. ".........You know Jenny Jones. She will gnaw away at their soft bits, so the major sponsors might find it a bit of a double-edged sword"

Boris’s best moment was when he offered to give Ken one-to-one training in overtaking a bendy bus on a bicycle.

This was Sian’s day. We can expect the “Men in Suits” to shine a little more brightly when they have their day.

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