Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bus Stops Unexpectedly

Arriva or not Arriva?

Dear Editor,
At 12.25pm on Saturday 16th February TWO 128 buses stopped at Barkingside High Street en route for Claybury Broadway. The driver of the second bus was told by wireless (Radio ref 94) to terminate there. As he told the passengers to get off, the first bus pulled away and left the passengers stranded to wait for another bus in freezing conditions.
Surely the controller knows where his buses are. Obviously not! I tried to phone the company (020 8276 3011) but no-one was answering.
We only have one bus on this section of route and it is commonplace for the 128 to be terminated at Gants Hill, Tesco and Barkingside.
Since the Route 129 was removed and the 128 extended to Romford it is often terminated at Oldchurch Hospital. Are the public on the periphery of this route not entitled to get home?
Since Arriva took over the franchise the route has become a farce. The bus is a public service and if advertised for a destination it should go there. How can Transport for London encourage more people to abandon their cars and travel by bus with this quality of service?


  1. When Transport for London (TfL) first put forward their proposal to withdraw the 129 (Becontree Heath to Claybury Broadway) and cover it by a northbound extension of route 128 and a southbound extension of route 150 I was Chairman of the council's Public Transport Liaison Group. One of the members (Ron Brewer, representing London Travelwatch) and I voiced our reservations because we had seem similar arrangements before: the 150 ran previously to Becontree Heath (when the 25 did) and had a peak hours extension to either Romford or Hornchurch Garage. In days with much less traffic than now it was frequently curtailed short of its destination due to delays caused by congestion - and this even long before the idiots from Transport for London (TfL) loused up Barkingside High Street!!

    Ron and I warned them what would happen. They were confident it would not, but it has. There have been at least two changes of timetable "to improve reliability" but it has not. The chairman of TfL is one Ken Livingstone........

    The operating company does not have the sole responsibity for this mess. Much of the blame rests with TfL who listen to nobody's voice but their own. Real "nanny state" stuff.

  2. Ca et les arbres detruits. Que dire Morris?
    If this was a play, it would be a tragedy.
    What can we do?