Thursday, January 10, 2008


bus stop clearway road markingsWhen I reported that the bus stop clearways had been implemented all along Fullwell Avenue I was wrong. The two bus stops just to the west of Fullwell Parade were omitted because of local opposition. However, counter representations have been made and the needs of the elderly, disabled and those with shopping or pushchairs have been recognised and the order has been made to have these two clearways implemented. Should be done this month. Could do with these in Clayhall Avenue too.

The President of the Wanstead Rugby Club in Roding Lane North informs me thatThe Wanstead Rugby Club Emblem planning permission has finally been granted for the restoration of the temporary Barhale works site. This was a condition in the original approval and involves enlarging the club car park, landscaping, new trees and bushes, and new fencing and gate between the main gate and the northern boundary. The delay was possibly because of the lack of Nature Conservation expertise to advise on landscaping and indigenous species. Work should be completed by mid February.

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