Thursday, January 10, 2008

Forward Look

Just in case anyone has forgotten, here are some of the outstanding issues that may be resolved in 2008.

The absent Toilet at Fullwell Cross
Barkingside Regeneration Feasibility Study
Completion of the Barkingside High Street Road works
The High Street Alleyways
A Market in the High Street
Fairlop Waters Feasibility Study
Fairlop Waters Memorial
Sale of Allotments
The future of the Nature Conservation Team
Sale of Car Parks
King George Hospital A&E
The Low Bridge in Forest Road
A Bus route along Forest Road

Ray House


  1. When is something going to be done about the bottom of Clayhall Avenue?There is a serious accident waiting to happen there, what with cars,lorries,vans etc turning round in order to get into the Woodford Avenue. I have been campaigning for improvements and more safety in that vicinity,but despite Barkingside 21's efforts nothing seems to done.

  2. Did you see my letter in Ilford Recorder last week on the Continental Market in Barkingside?

  3. Yup! Missed that one. The new railings lasted approx 4 weeks before the first twist was put in them. They are now back to "normal".
    Strange that I never see it happening.

  4. Judith
    Yes. The conspiracy theory is that the Council do not wish to see anything successful on the piazza because they have their beedy eyes on selling it for development.

  5. I can't say that I'd be sorry to see the smelly library and seedy swimming pool bite the dust, provided a library was provided in the hypothetical development.

    I could see the current library building (?listed currently) as a good restaurant/function rooms, then a homes and retail development with a new (non-smelly) library and a public area with the mature trees as the pay-off from the developer.

    Hey, problem solved!

  6. I gather some of the problem about the Clayhall Ave Junction (or should that be disjunction) with Woodford Avenue is that the latter comes under the aegis of Transport for London, who are reluctant to cough up the necessary dosh.

  7. Judith,
    Are you saying no swimming pool?

    Yup, but not reluctant to cough up dosh to clutter the High Street.

  8. The swimming pool may be one luxury too many, unless a private company is prepared to run one, leasing time to the Council or some such scheme.

    And Barkingside High St comes under the Council, I believe, not TfL.

  9. Judith,
    The High Street is indeed the responsibility of Redbridge Council. But the High Street Traffic Improvements Scheme is being funded by TfL, it's objective being to improve Bus flows along the High Street.

  10. We should create a local Redbridge association that stands for election. Concentrate on the local issues not the punch and judy politics of the 3 big parties.

  11. If B21 expects all this to be done in just one year then the organisation clearly has great belief in the man in the moon. I also note that the editor has introduced an abused apostrophe....