Friday, January 25, 2008

Eco Deception

a domestic wind turbineI was wondering what happened to the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. In the early part of last year I was posting on how the system, by which grants are available to householders to install renewable energy generation, was operating. In February the monthly allocation ran out within 3 hours. In March it took just 75 minutes. By April the scheme had been suspended. All then went quiet, swept under the carpet, until this report surfaces in the Telegraph last week.

Instead of funding 50% of any installation, the scheme was changed as of May last year to a flat rate of £2,500. As a result the number of applications has fallen. Up to March 2007 almost 4,000 households had been awarded grants, but from March to September only 113 households had applied. Our government are all talk and no action. They are just not interested. Why?

The Telegraph article is quite illuminating, not for what it says, but for what it doesn’t say. It points out that we lag other European countries like Spain, Greece and Italy in the installation of solar panels where there is admittedly more sunshine. Germany and Spain encourage this by having feed-in tariffs where home owners are paid a set rate for the electricity they feed into the grid. But we also lag countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Holland.

Now, have you spotted what all of these countries have in common, and which one is missing? Yup, they are all countries that do not have nuclear weapon capability and the one that is missing, France, does. France also has a large nuclear power industry.

Nuclear power and nuclear weapons go hand in hand. It is not in our government’s interests to invest in renewable and distributed generation of electricity because by doing so they would diminish the demand for those nice shiny new Nuclear power stations that they seem to want so much.


  1. Sussed!

    It's another case of greenwashing the Trojan horse.

  2. Would you all jump on me to tell me I am wrong in thinking that, if need be, Great Britain buys electricity from France.
    Is is a case of 'electricity has no odour'?
    anonymous annesevant

  3. Electricity from France?
    Just say non!

  4. I read recently that solar panels, certainly in domestic situations, just don't make any economic sense, and it would be better to spend the money on decent insulation (so that you don't need to expend energy to heat your home) rather than on boys' toys.

  5. That helps too. Damart thermals and a hot water bottle do it for me.
    I rather suspect that Insulation grants are a farce too, I'll look into it.

  6. The Times 4th February 2008 - may I draw your attention to a selection of articles in this Issue on Sustainable Energy wind turbines - one article states quite clearly (wow I'm sounding like a politician) that the Defence department has "objected to wind farms" because they interfere with the nations radar security - Sorry! has technology gone backwards - such a "constant" can be isolated in Radar technology. ????

  7. Well, I'm rather rusty on Radar but as I recall you are correct.

    Probably the same "consultant" used for "Personal Data Security".