Sunday, January 20, 2008

Capital Re-Think

Re-think your environmentIn case you hadn’t noticed there has been much ado about the Council’s proposals to sell off 4 well-used allotment sites and quite a few car parks. This has got nothing to do with any housing targets. The Development Sites with Housing Capacity [DSHCs] for the next five years have all been identified and are shown on the big map that comes with the Local Development Framework. Oh no, these proposals are to raise capital to fund the Council’s Capital Programme.

Some items in this programme are unavoidable, such as new schools to accommodate the growing numbers of children. However, there is a substantial body of opinion [not being a politician I cannot invoke the “silent majority”] who argue that a £35million sports complex is a luxury we cannot afford; when what we actually need is just one element of it – a swimming pool. Some estimate that this could be provided for no more than £6million.

Such has been the pressure on the Council that they have set up a Capital Programme Corporate Panel to review the capital programme and how it can be funded. Hailed as a “big conversation” by the Ilford Recorder we wait to see if anyone will listen. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Council learnt to live within our means?


  1. As I understand it there are a number of businessmen amongst the cabinet; I wonder if they are aware of what the term 'over-trading' means and how it applies to public bodies as well as private business. The cabinet should limit their proposals to what can be afforded without sacrificing the established facilities that are so important to the lives of the residents of this borough.

  2. They could and should have said they wouldn't sell the allotments full stop. The threat is still very much real. Keep up the fight!!