Friday, December 21, 2007

Ilford Tops For Business

According to the Financial Times “Ilford, in east London’s suburbs, has the UK’s fastest-growing business population, according to the Royal Mail’s latest annual business barometer.”

“The number of active businesses in the town increased by 3.7 per cent over the six months to August – well above the 2.4 per cent national average. Last year, Ilford was in fifth place, with growth of 3.6 per cent.”

It also says “… the old Essex town, now part of the London borough of Redbridge, has been regenerated as a retail centre, attracting small businesses such as restaurants, estate agents and events management.”

Cllr Keith Prince, is also quoted as saying “The much-heralded arrival of Crossrail and the Thames Gateway Bridge will bring Ilford even closer to the heart of London and the regeneration areas of Essex and Kent.”

So, Ilford “has been regenerated as a retail centre” has it? Got that Barkingside Business Partnership?
See “The role of the High Street”, “For 70% a local high street is a vital part of a healthy society. It provides a mix of local identity, social cohesion plus a practical local resource.”

a selection of newspaper cuttings on the death of the high street


  1. Thanks to the Asian community there has been a considerable increase in small shops - the trouble is, Ilford town centre just looks so unappealing - and the station is a grotty mess overdue for a clean-up and paint job, there's enough guano inside to fertilise all the Redbridge allotments!

  2. Yes, but if the allotmenteers turned up to scoop and take away they would probably be accused of "stealing".

  3. Maybe a comment slightly removed from the principal thread but I think that it has to be admitted that Ilford Town Centre is a lost cause, who on Earth would want to go there? Nevertheless there has to be some degree of satisfaction in the fact that Ilford has been recognised as a hub of business activity although, from my personal experience, such enterprises are unlikely to be small shop based.

  4. Yesterday's Recorder (page 29) published an article based on that 'revival' of Ilford as a business centre and Cllr Prince is extolling how clean and safe and harmonious Ilford is.
    I think that Cllr Prince either does not read the redbridge i, or does not believe what is written there. Quite a few participants keep moaning a lot about how the state of the place!

  5. Many people I know (in Hainault), no longer go to Ilford and have not done so for a good few years. They are put off by a variety of reasons; crime; general grottiness but also because they don't feel like Ilford is a the town they once knew. The majority now join the hoards heading to Romford or further afield to Lakeside.