Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fairlop War Memorial

The Fairlop RAF emblem - Lest we ForgetFairlop airfield is one of the few remaining world war 1+2 sites left that remind us of the valiant efforts and lives lost by young men to save this country from invaders. To leave it to neglect as has been done for over 60 years is a crime and insult to them.
To even consider a racecourse and hotel as was suggested or housing on it is a disgrace to their memory.
We must make this site a Heritage Site and one that Barkingside will be proud of. The maps we have available plus there are still people alive who served here can show us where runways, prison of war camps, anti-aircraft guns and a host of other buildings were sited.
We can mark out these sites for generations to come to see.
Al’s Playhouse has closed down here. This building could be renovated to take and rebuild old aircraft from the war and become a working museum. We are lucky in this area to have fine skilled men & women who are retired from the many factories in East London who are experienced in metal work and electronics. What a wonderful thing if we can ask if these people would volunteer to come here for a few hours a week to use their skill in rebuilding a lost heritage. Who knows, apprenticeships could result from this work for the youth of the area.
Open days can be held here with old vehicles and aircraft to encourage people to the area. This can only regenerate Barkingside including the High St. We have enough restaurants and cafes to service the tourists that would come and see the site plus museum.
Councillor Harold Moth, Barkingside 21 Group, and Barkingside High St traders are in full support of this project plus I understand the local branch of the British Legion.

Alan Harris

See also the Ilford Recorder.
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  1. Seems a wonderful idea to me, at last a positive step in the right direction. Don't suppose that they could rebuild my MG TC at the same time do you? The kind that our pilots used to speed around Abingdon in, usually when they were take my WAAF sister out for an evening or so the legend goes.

  2. An interesting idea, the most imaginative I've heard of for regenerating Barkingside. Could become a nice little tourist trap.

    A Potted History of Ilford, by one of our local historians, has some useful information, uncluding how many bombs were dropped in the area during the war. Find it in your local library.

    I can remember the runways and nisson huts, which were still there when my father took me to the model aircraft club on Saturday or Sunday mornings to watch model aircraft take off along those wartime runways. The last I heard of that club, it had moved to Chingford Plain. Old club records might have some information.

  3. I think the proposal for a memorial is an excellent idea. I would like to suggest, however, that the scope of the memorial project should be widened to also commemorate those who gave their lives while serving at the nearby Hainault Farm airfield during the First World War.

    Yours sincerely

    Foster Summerson
    Lately, Chairman, Essex Branch, Western Front Association,
    Member of the Ilford War Memorial Gardens Action Group and former resident of Newbury Park [1942 - 1968]