Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bedtime Stories

the safer neighbourhood logoFrom Gearies we hear that a young man called at local homes with a sob story that his family had just moved in down the road and his mother had been rushed to hospital. His father had gone with her, he had no key or money, and could he please have some money for the fare to the hospital.

From Brinkworth we hear of a man calling door to door asking for money saying he needed it to get to Whipps Cross hospital to see his wife. He was arrested and appeared at Redbridge Magistrates court where he pleaded guilty to 3 counts of Fraud and making false representation.

From Marston we hear of a youth asking for a loan of £10 and leaving a mobile phone as security. When he returned to pay back the loan he was allowed to make a telephone call from within the house and it is believed that while there spotted the householders details on a document. Subsequently a next day delivery credit account was opened in the householder’s name and presumably someone was waiting outside the house while everyone else was out to collect the goods. Fortunately the driver was suspicious and did not hand them over but nevertheless the householder had the hassle of convincing the company that they were not liable for the bill of several hundred pounds.

There have been similar reports from all over the area.

The message is clear, you should not give anything to anyone at the door unless you are completely satisfied as to who the person is or what they are collecting for. All genuine collectors will have some form of identification. Ask to see it. If they can’t give proof of their identity or charity, or you are unsure, politely decline, shut the door immediately and phone the police via 999.
Remember if you give money at the door or buy at the door you are telling a complete stranger that you keep money in the house. They may be back when you are not in.

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