Monday, November 19, 2007

Wanstead Wildlife

a heronDown in Wanstead in Wanstead Park there is a place called the Heronry. Up here on the Clayhall/ Woodford Bridge borders we have the Wanstead Rugby Club. Their symbol is the Heron and we get a regular sighting of a heron in our back garden. I like those sort of connections.

I’ve just had an email from Paul Ferris supporting the campaign to Save our Nature Conservation Team. He has a website entitled Wanstead Wildlife and he has earned a permanent link in the side bar. I like those sort of connections too, although the Cabinet may not. If you explore the site you will find photographs of the Wanstead Fox that Cllr Burgess wants to get rid off.

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  1. I am told that in his younger days Councillor Burgess was very prominent in Wanstead wildlife......