Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Green Greys

the SGA logoBack in February this year the BBC published a report saying that Climate Change is all down to us baby boomers. Bloody cheek!

“People aged between 50 and 64 have the UK's largest "carbon footprints", according to research.. But they are also the most concerned about climate change, and want the government to do more to tackle global warming, the study says.”

Then we have the Grey Greens. See what they get up to here. International Clean-ups and Guerrilla Gardening for starters. Of course you don’t have to be old to participate.

Then there is Saga. Someone dear to me was very upset when she first received a complimentary magazine but now she reads it regularly. Lots of good stuff here eg:

Moisturiser: No doubt you have seen that these products are now advertised for men, and Mr Weinberg may need one now that he is clean shaven, but that’s not what this is about. This is about moisturiser for the soil. See Mulch Masterclass.

Go Faster Composting: Now they are not suggesting that you frighten the neighbours by peeing directly onto your compost. You just need to use a container. Pee is rich in nitrogen, virtually sterile and it saves on toilet flushes too.


  1. even older........12:03 am, November 07, 2007

    I am told that SAGA, which was originally for those 60 and over, derives its name from Sexually Active Geriatrics Abroad.......

  2. Male urine sprinkled round garden boundaries deters foxes - refresh once every few weeks.

    Works - honestly!

  3. Is anonymous taking the ****?

  4. OK, the game's up, I admit it, climate warming is all my fault, Im a pensioner and I flew to the States for a holiday last year for the first time ever. (The States, that is, not the holiday).

  5. Thank you anon.
    I just knew I would find a use for "him" eventually.

  6. Anonymous has already found a use for me, the other half. The washing up, ironing, cleaning etc., whilst she is spending most of her waking hours on the flaming computer sending messages World-wide. Is it any wonder that I vent my spleen on some of our local councillors (allegedly).