Sunday, November 11, 2007

Environment Action Plan

park landThe Council is preparing an Environmental Action Plan (2007-2012) which will for the first time pull together the Council’s numerous environmental plans and strategies into one overarching document with the aim of promoting sustainable development within the Borough.

The consultation period is from 12 November to 21 December 2007.
Written representations should be submitted via email.

Cllr Prince, please note: Too many executives and consultants producing “documents” and “Action Plans” and NOT enough people “DOING”. A Plan is just a set of words, and to be fair these are very fine words. But they are worth nothing without the will, resolve and resources to implement it.


  1. After all is said and done
    more is said than ever done

  2. At the same time as they are considering, so we are told, reducing the staffing in the wildlife protection area. How self-contradictory can they get?

  3. Yet another window dressing exercise and no doubt again involving the spin that has become the mark of this current vacuous administration. What will Cllr Prince come up with this time I wonder but one thing that is absolutely certain is that it will have nothing to do with sustainability; think about the way in which he and his fellow cabinet members are still trying to flog off the allotments despite the massive level of protest throughout the borough. Is this at the behest of one, Cllr Weinberg, I wonder, 'who 'can't understand it himself'. Its about time these individuals packed their bags and removed themselves from local politics.

  4. Can any of the knowledgeable people who read Barkingside 21 blogs advise me? When I was seeking to photograph a slow worm on the Fullwell site allotment,(which I did), I came across a small mammal inside a rolled up piece of carpet and I am now 100% sure it was a dormouse because I have just seen some on the television. I did not think at the time to take a picture. It's winter now so, hopefully, it is fast alseep. I have just read that you should not disturb them willingly which would happen if I was trying to take a picture as proof of my sighting, come the spring. Should I inform somebody?
    an activist.

  5. Just to make my life easy, please B21, how to I comment(by email) about the environment action plan.
    And, do you think it's right to limit the right to comment to people with access to email?
    I was at the Area 4 meeting of 22 November 2007, hoping to comment on item 12 (yes, the environment) and guess what, the chairman said item 12 would be dealt with at the end and, guess what, he and Cllr Prince completely forgot! And the other councillors, some of them very much on the ball, forgot too!
    Isn't that interesting?
    an activist

  6. You click on where it says email in the main post above.

    Feedback is not restricted to those with internet access. The council do send out these consultations to local groups and they are available in libraries etc.

    I might ask the Finance Director to "forget" to pay their allowances.