Monday, November 19, 2007

BT Wind

wind turbinesLast month the Conservatives promised "a revolution" in the way energy is produced and supplied, with incentives to encourage people and firms to "go green".

Bit late there Dave! It’s already happening. Not householders much yet, the incentives here are at present too low or not available and the up front investment is still too high.

But for business “energy security” is a serious issue. Back in August I reported how Brewery companies were going Green and installing CHP to generate their own heat and electricity.

British Telecom is now in on the act. BT announces that it plans to develop wind farms aimed at generating up to 25 per cent of its existing UK electricity requirements by 2016. Who will be next? This is making the Government’s headlong rush into Nuclear look at little shaky.


  1. I can think of workplaces that generate huge quantities of hot air if that is capable of being harnessed in some way to be put to good effect?

  2. Blimey, Morris. 11 Minutes, that must be a record, even for you.

    Are you sure you mean "workplaces"?

  3. I use the term generically.........

  4. Dave the Chameleon full of hot air?! Surely not!!

  5. Wind farms are a con in this country (they have to be backed up by conventional power plants becoz there ain't enough wind), and given the amount of concrete they use to build, are extremely unfriendly environmentally - they are also noisy and spoil the view in beautiful places.

  6. The Skipton to Carlisle Railway passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in England and as it crosses the valleys it does so on huge brick built viaducts - they knew how to build things in those days. It is a national treasure and is listed. But if someone wanted to build it today?

    As I said, there are choices to be made.

  7. When I first saw wind farms whilst travelling through Germany I thought they were some kind of advertisement for Mercedes!

    I agree with Judith.

  8. I suppose the early Dutch complained about windmills too?

  9. Why would anyone complain about wind or indeed watermills that actually produced something, ie flour and energy?

    The only thing that the new windpower mills generate is fat profits from Government subsidy - ie from the taxpayer's pocket!

    Yes folks, the people that brought you Qinetiq, MTAS, foot&mouth from Pirbright, Galileo and the Eurofighter can certainly be trusted to use our money to good purpose.