Friday, November 02, 2007

5th November

a firework displayFirework display
Wanstead Rugby Football Club
Monday 5th November 2007
Entry £2 per head

[stout weatherproof footwear is recommended]
WRC are also advertising for a Bar Manager. This is a part-time position and may suit a retired local. Anyone interested should email Barkingside 21 and I will pass on the contact details.

a plungerLocals will know that part of the club site was used by Barhale as a base for their works on behalf of Thames Water in Chigwell Road. The planning permission for this was extended to include similar works in Wensleydale Avenue in the early part of this year. One of the conditions was that Barhale restore the site, improving and enlarging the club car park, landscaping, new trees and bushes, and new fencing and gate between the main gate and the northern boundary. The club submitted the details in January. They are still waiting for Redbridge Planning Department to approve the scheme. Cllr Banks is trying to shift the blockage.


  1. Redbridge's Planning Dept is the absolute pits.

    Managers in the Dept appear to be unable to train and educate their staff to be courteous, efficient and consciencious.

    I have personal knowledge of work left undone for weeks and months - honest applicants are left dangling, whilst the less scrupulous just go ahead and flout the law. Then the latter are given retrospective permission.

    The Department managed to 'lose' plans for a sizeable development still underway in South Woodford, when an extra floor suddenly appeared during construction and was challenged by residents. I can't say I was surprised.

  2. Too many executives measuring performance and not enough performers performing?

  3. I would not have put it as kindly as that Judith. Incompetent indifference comes to mind.

  4. Re the 5th November comment by Judith on the state of the planning dept, Judith seems to know so much and she writes so beautifully. Is Judith contributing to the redbridge i?
    If she is not, she must, please,...
    an activist

  5. Judith could certainly play an active part on Redbridge-i. However, until the Redbridge-i moderator takes an active role in suppressing the contributions of a few raving lunatics who post to the site then there is no point in trying to engage in rational discussion there. Let's continue to do that here.

  6. i attended this event. My 31 year old son bought a light sabre and my 57 year old wife bought a pair of flashing bunny ears......

  7. Your wife's purchase could certainly bring some welcome distraction to Area 3 meetings!