Monday, October 22, 2007

Solar Business

Wilson and his new toyIs this a first in Redbridge? Local businessman Wilson Chowdhry shows off his new solar panels on the roof of his premises, AA Security down in Green Lane, Ilford.

Wilson says “The total cost of the scheme was just over £12,000. The Energy Savings Trust funded 50% and A.A. Security funded the remainder. Our thanks go to Richard Coppin of the Redbridge Council Environmental Team - his sterling work ensured that our applications to the Energy Savings Trust were accepted and he facilitated planning permission and a Scaffold License for the project without cost. The system itself will provide over 85% of our annual general electricity consumption!”

The panels are the most advanced hybrid system using blue cell technology solar generators that are so good they even work when covered by snow. But don’t all rush at once, the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian report in their print edition that “The Government recently axed the scheme.” Is this a last in Redbridge?


  1. "...... and he facilitate planning permission and a Scaffold License (sic!) for the project without cost."

    The planning process is a statutory, quasi-judicial one and to "facilitate" it is suggestive of preferential treatment, which would surely be illegal? As for things being done "without cost", the costs occur whether the beneficiary pays or not; so these things cannot have been done "without cost", but might have been done without charge. If this is so then the costs are met by all of us rather than just by the beneficiary which ought to have been the case.

    I wonder whether the Audit Commission might have a view on such an arrangement (always assumning, of course, that the account of it is accurate)?

  2. Good point Morris,

    I had cut and pasted Wilson's comments from an email. I had deleted the email but have now recovered it and it is accurately reproduced. It is also to be found in last week's print edition of the Ilford Recorder in the Business section on page 39.