Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Local Blues Go Green

a recycling box Whoah, not so fast there, this is about the Boys & Girls in Blue, the Local Police.
From the InBox.


The Area 3 SAFER NEIGHBOURHOODS POLICE Teams based at 127 Fencepiece Road, Barkingside are doing their bit in an attempt to help the environment.
18 members of staff work from the Fencepiece Road Police Office and in doing so create a large amount of waste, which under normal circumstances would be recycled.
After liaison with the local council it has been agreed that Recycling Bins will be delivered to the base so as to enable the local police "do their bit" for the environment.
It is hoped that this initiative will promote environmental issues, encourage others to recycle and allow police to contribute locally to Redbridge Councils recycling scheme.

PC Adrian Towler 214JI

And From Monday’s Inbox [a retired Policeman]

I was aware through your own news broadcasts of the weekly recycling collections to start this week, but by chance a friend of mine mentioned they had received a circular from Redbridge Council advising of new refuse collection dates as from this week, changing the day from Monday to Wednesday.
Not having received a copy here at Carrick Drive, I telephoned the refuse collection department at LBR last week. I was told that a copy had been delivered to every address and that I must have picked my copy up and thrown it away with any other leaflets that had been delivered!
Having made it quite clear to the assistant that I certainly had not, it was confirmed that my collection day was now to be Wednesday instead of Monday.
It was interesting to see that the entire Timberdene Estate did the usual Sunday evening ritual of putting out their rubbish bags for the 7am collection this morning! So much for delivering the leaflet to every household! So now the bags will lie outside the houses until Wednesday and the foxes will have a jolly good time!

What can I say?

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