Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Red List….

a gorilla looking skywards “…. of Threatened Species for 2007 names habitat loss, hunting and climate change among the causes. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has identified more than 16,000 species threatened with extinction, while prospects have brightened for only one.” Reports the BBC. “Only one!” But which one is it? They don’t say. It’s hardly likely to be us, Human Beings, because we have long since ceased to regard ourselves as part of Nature, as the Animal that we are.

Governments are committed, they say, to stopping this carnage, but they know they are going to fail.

"We know that it is possible to reverse the trend, but the causes are so huge and massive and global, and there is still a lack of attention to the crisis that biodiversity faces."
And it’s not just Global, see next post, above.

"Many in the environmental movement argue that too much money and attention has gone on climate change, with other issues such as biodiversity, clean water and desertification ignored at the political level.

IUCN's assessment is that climate change is important for many Red List species; but it is not the only threat, and not the most important threat.
There are conflicts between addressing the various issues, with biofuels perhaps being the obvious example. Useful they may turn out to be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions; but many conservationists are seriously concerned that the vast swathes of monoculture they will bring spell dire consequences for creatures such as the orangutan.”

…and Redbridge Allotmenteers?

Diversity is one of our current buzzwords, but do those who use it really understand what it means? What is it that makes one minority group a special case, while others are trampled underfoot?


  1. Like that picture of Cllr Griffin!

  2. The one species for which prospects have brightened is the Mauritius echo parakeet (Psittacula eques).

    Correct, Barkingside 21, not us.

  3. Any more insults like that and I will boycott this blog.

  4. An unkind comment, anonymous. Unkind, that is, to a gorilla which is a creature with a brain.

  5. Apologies to all gorillas.