Saturday, September 01, 2007

Planning Disaster

A country side scene with words Your New Power station goes here. what colour would you like the gates?On the resumption of Parliament in early October, one of the first pieces of business will be the government’s Planning White Paper.
This white paper incorporates recommendations from the Barker review including proposals to:
· Streamline planning for major projects
Like nuclear power stations, airports, major roads and large incinerators
· Decide the need for projects in Westminster
Your voice will be hard to hear in a national debate
· Take decisions away from politicians
An unelected Infrastructure Planning Commission will have the final say
· Stop you from having a say
By removing your right to challenge projects at a public inquiry

It also gives new powers to the London Mayor to override local decision making.

Without changes, these proposals are bad for the environment: major projects will lead to increased destruction of habitats, which are valuable for wildlife; landscapes and geological heritage; historic buildings, and sites of archaeological importance.
The White Paper pays lip service to the idea of sustainable development – that is, economic and social development which respects environmental limits – but contains no proposals for making this a legal duty.

The Planning Disaster campaign is a coalition of the UK 's main environmental, conservation and civic organisations with currently over 5 million members. They include the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth, The Wildlife Trusts, The Ramblers, RSPB, The Woodland Trust, The National Trust plus several others.
Our local MP, Lee Scott, is opposing these proposals and would like your views prior to the resumption of parliament, so we have arranged the meeting below.


  1. We should all be concerned about the proposal to allow the Mayor of Greater London to direct councils to GRANT planning permission. His current power to direct refusal has led to considerable interference in local democracy. The new power is potentially wider reaching and could be used to impose all sorts of monstrosities on us.

  2. When I saw the title to this piece I thought it referred to the Ganes estate - now that is a disaster!!!
    especially for the people who live on the Timberdene approach road who now have to live on what will be a very busy road throughout the whole day. Still I don't suppose that Weinberg and his fellow wreckers care two hoots about the victims of this sick joke.