Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not in My Neighbourhood

the Neigbourhood watch meerkat logo A week-long programme of high-profile events is being planned for the autumn to demonstrate what’s being done to tackle crime in local communities.
Not In My Neighbourhood Week will run from Monday October 15 to Sunday October 21 – and it's hoped Neighbourhood Watch groups will play a full part.

Meanwhile what’s happening locally? Here are two extracts from the Fairlop SNT newsletter. Not on the list? Then email them here and ask for a copy. Hopefully this Fairlop initiative will catch on in other wards?

This month we have made 6 arrests. One was of a local youth subject to an ASBO who was found breaking his curfew. Officers from the team were working a night duty riding their bikes when they noticed the youth in Tomswood Hill. He initially made off jumping into back gardens but was soon arrested by SN officers. The youth was kept in police custody and he appeared in court the following day where he received an 8 - month custodial sentence.

While carrying out enquiries in relation to neighbourhood watch schemes one of our PCSO’s was approached by a resident concerned about a nearby house being used for suspected prostitution. We made enquiries, established who the landlord was and made contact with them. They were unaware of the use of their property and paid a visit to the address and confirmed the resident’s suspicions. The occupants were served with notice to vacate the premises that very day.


  1. Neighbourhood Watch is a good idea in principle, but needs some means whereby the police or the safer neighbourhood teams can give the coordinators some document that verifies their position. This will prevent eccentric self-appointed people from representing themselves to be what they are not.

  2. I ran a NW scheme in the '80s. An old lady suffered an attempted break-in, and her son blamed my team for it - he seemed to believe we should have been patrolling the streets at night!

  3. Being aquainted with you Judith, I would not have liked to be on the receiving end of your reply!

  4. I've often thought there are many things you might do, Judith, but never in my wildest moments have I thought of you walking the streets at night!

  5. Judith
    There is a simple reply to such people... "if you are not happy with the way the NW is being organised/run I am quite happy to stand aside and let YOU take over".

  6. As you well know, Morris, my nighttime beat was George Lane until me fishnet tights and white stilettos wore out!