Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fullwell CROSS!

Fullwell Cross LibraryHaving just spent £1.8million on refurbishment of the Barkingside Swimming Pool, next Tuesday’s Redbridge Cabinet meeting will be considering spending a further £50,000 [plus Officer time] on a feasibility study to knock it down and provide it “somewhere else”. Also up for grabs is the Library complex, a Grade II listed building and Craven Gardens Car Park. Oh, and get this, it includes the roundabout itself too!

Whilst we support the Business Partnership’s desire for regeneration of Barkingside Town Centre these proposals seem to be targetted primarily towards raising Capital to fund the Council’s grandiose plans elsewhere.


  1. Can somebody please tell me exactly where the trees are located that grow money rather than leaves? Perhaps complementary packets of seeds are supplied with each Jaguar that you buy. Or do such trees come gratis courtesy of consultants engaged to provide a crappy interactive website?

  2. It gets worse and worse!

    Get rid of Fullwell Cross Library, which has the second highest issues of books in the Borough? The sooner we get rid of this insane council the better.

    As for the swimming pool refurbishment, I notice it didn't include replacing a pane of glass above the entrance close to the bus stop. That has been broken for years, and broken glass rests on the entrance overhang and could blow off in a gale, hurting somebody. It's dangerous.

    Town Centre regeneration? That sounds very ominous to me, because Barkingside doesn't have a town centre. It has a high street. To turn Barkingside High Street into a "town centre" would mean massive redevelopment that would obliterate every green space for miles around! Sounds like a hidden agenda to me.

    When's the next local election? Can't we sack these morons before then? What about a Sack-Redbridge-Council petition at No 10? I'd sign it.

  3. How many years have i been saying that these Tories have no idea.
    Unity square is the greatest waste of public money Redbridge has ever known.
    Now they want to screw up Barkingside.
    It's been coming for a long time. I'm only glad i'll be gone by Christmas.

  4. This all sounds to me as if some of our councillors have aa financial interest in constantly appointing consultants at every opportunity. It is time that this bunch of clowns resigned before they bring this council to its financial knees. I am wholly mystified as to what they are attempting to achieve but whatever it is the electorate are picking up the bill for their stupidity.

  5. i was actually happy that they were refurbishing that old swimming pool, but if all that gets knocked down, including the library barkingside as a town will just be pointless to be honest. And what the hell are they gunna put up there instead-flats? like everything else. As other people have said barkingside is a high street not a town centre, just refurbish the place and leave it alone.