Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boris Silenced

Boris Johnson, MP, has had his internet blog pulled. So, who has he upset this time? Answer, nobody. His blog just happens to be on the wrong webhost.
Alisher UsmanovIt’s all to do with this man, Alisher Usmanov pictured, [More than a passing resemblance to Jabba the Hutt, don’t you think?] who has been in the news lately.

First he buys up an entire art collection at Sotheby’s before it even gets to auction and then he increases his stake in Arsenal Football Club. But then it all goes wonky, but strangely not reported on the BBC.

Apparently someone has made allegations about Mr Usmanov’s alleged dodgy past – cue the deployment of leeches, er sorry, I mean Lawyers in the shape of Shillings and not only is that site shut down but also everybody else’s on that server.

Just a bit heavy handed. I am curious as to how the fall of Communism can produce so many Russian billionaires in such a short space of time. They seem to have taken to the “unacceptable face of capitalism” quite quickly but have yet to grasp the notions of democracy and free speech.

This is now all over the blogopshere, See Chicken Yoghurt for a list and Ellee Seymour for a good write up. So much for trying to silence the internet.



    Nick Cohen opines; “…plenty more billions where they came from. So much money, but at what price?”

    And “…Britain's repressive libel laws are becoming a threat to security and racial harmony…”