Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Save Our High Street

a view of Barkingside High StreetThe Business Partnership are compiling a petition as follows: It’s not on the web but will be available to sign in member outlets.

Petition to save Barkingside High Street
We the undersigned are writing a petition to Redbridge Council regarding the neglect of Barkingside High Street.
We want the Council to improve the Parking in Barkingside High Street by adopting the Barkingside Business Partnerships proposals to improve parking for potential customers and residents within the High street.
We feel the High Street is in decline and requires the Council to work closely with the Partnership and provide funds to regenerate the High Street.
We feel the Local Council should adopt the partnerships proposals for Christmas in Barkingside and provide the funding for the Christmas Lights
The High Street has been deprived of retail outlets which is contrary to their own borough wide primary policy R3. (Which states that 70% of shops should be retail). They have allowed food outlets to open or are in the process of opening without the necessary change of usage to A5 and we need enforcement action to address this problem.

And you may be interested in these special offer coupons for a number of outlets in the High Street over at Barkingside Biz. Check it out.


  1. Don't be silly. Redbridge Council won't spend regeneration money beyond Ilford Town Centre, its sacred cow.

  2. With the best will in the World the only action appropriate to Ilford Town Centre would be to clear the whole lot - its a complete pigs ear and not in the least attractive as a shopping centre hence I avoid it like the plague. How about selling off the Town Hall site, that should rake in the money the Council allegedly need for their capital spending programme.

  3. DGS,
    I do believe the Town Hall is a listed building - along with the relics and fossils it houses.

  4. MH will know more about this than me, but I understood that originally (yonks ago) there had been a proposal to remove the Town Hall to where the Barkingside Tesco now stands. I was told that a group of old stick-in-the-muds vetoed that proposal, don't know how true that is.

  5. Morris Hickey (MH)12:54 am, August 16, 2007

    The gist of Judith's comment is correct.

  6. If you agree with the petition please pop into Barkingside and sign the petition at Home Hardware, Dannys Pie and Mash,tootsies,Hi Tide, James shoe repair, Army and Navy, Pizza Hut, Marinos, D&a the list is growing and so is the number of people signing.