Sunday, August 05, 2007


a parking signLast Thursday there was a letter published in the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian complaining about how parking restrictions are affecting the businesses over at Woodford Broadway.
A common problem but we have to bear in mind that our local shopping centres emerged prior to the private motorcar becoming a ubiquitous social toy. Mostly these centres also accommodate a tube station or railway station so we have no choice but to have some form of parking regime, otherwise shoppers would not be able to park at all - the whole area would be swamped with commuter parking.

I agree though, that the selling off of car parks will make matters worse for local traders, at least for the time being while we still have affordable fuel for our cars. There are though other measures that can be taken. The recently formed Barkingside Business Partnership has put forward a number of innovative suggestions on car parking to ease the problems for shoppers in Barkingside High Street. However, like other suggestions to avoid the selling of car parks and allotments, these seem to have come up against the "not invented here" syndrome.
Perhaps if we charged “Consultant” rates they might listen?


  1. haven't been able to get through on 'innovative suggestions', it comes up as 'error'.

  2. Judith,
    It's working here.
    If you cut and paste or type the following into the address bar in your browser.

    Then click on Area 3, then Fullwell Ward and then Parking, that will get you there.