Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brickbats and Bouquets

John Sharrock...or it could be a MuppetRecently a local Councillor labelled our group, Barkingside 21, an “insignificant lobby group” and “in need of a new charismatic leader”.
Feathers have obviously been ruffled and not wishing to blow our own trumpet we did wonder if there was any validity in those comments, especially as we rely on local public support.
It should so happen that at the same time we received a letter from a Redbridge Borough Council Officer – extract below:
John Sharrock, Chairman

"Key to any consideration of environmental success in Redbridge since 1996 would be Barkingside 21 - as you are rightly proud of, this was the first Community Agenda 21 project, and by far the most successful, but your group's influence locally and in the Borough generally has helped get Redbridge the environmental profile it has regionally, nationally and even internationally - our Local Agenda 21 process was discussed at the United Nations Summit in Johannesburg (the Rio+10 conference in 2002) with particular regard to our process of community engagement. No one person can take sole responsibility for these achievements, and nothing could have been achieved without the drive and commitment of local people taking up the challenge, but Barkingside 21 can probably take a fair chunk of the credit - after all, some of my proudest moments at Redbridge relate to the group:"


  1. Could you please clarify? Who, or what, is it that is in need of a new charismatic leader????

  2. Morris,
    According to one Redbridge Councillor it is Barkingside 21.
    Others, of course, may see things a little differently.

  3. So whoever it was is clearly blissfully ignorant of the words of Robert Burns:

    "Would that God the grace would gi' us to see ourselves as others see us."

  4. Dear Barkingside 21.
    Take it as a compliment. If you didn't pose any threat they
    wouldn't even mention you. You must
    be pressing the right buttons and obviously want you out the way.
    Ron King

  5. MH - would suggest that Area 3 is in need of a new, charismatic leader, preferably one with at least 3 brain cells.

  6. Well, Anon,
    Recently when another lorry hit the low bridge in Forest Road [see earlier post Bridge Fiasco] I wrote to the chairs of Area 3 and 4, [the bridge forms part of the boundary] plus Fairlop and Aldborough ward councillors suggesting that these two area committees ought to get involved.
    I had positive responses from Cllr Mrs Ryan and Cllr Mrs V Cole. The chair of Area 4, Cllr Kissin, has taken up the challenge and is asking Highways for a report to the next or failing that the subsequent meeting. Our Assembly Member Roger Evans has agreed to ask questions at the GLA and our MP, Lee Scott is also involved.

    The Area 3 chair replied “I would suggest that you consult Geoff Claxton before embarking upon any useful suggestions.” Geoff is a council Highways Officer. I have not heard from the area 3 chair since.

    I leave readers to ponder on the contrast highlighted above and make their own judgement.

  7. Perhaps it's the very poor weather that might have already sent the Area 3 Chairman into a state of hibernation. The specification from anonymous would rule out at least 3 members.

  8. One hears that the Chairman of Area 3 cancelled a meeting that Fullwell Cllrs were to have with Council Officers this week - to discuss concerns of Fullwell traders and residents - because he, the Chairman, had not been invited.

    L'etat c'est moi, and other delusions of grandeur.

  9. .........and until now I had always understood the griffin to be only a mythical beast!