Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barkingside Baths

the breast strokeBarkingside Swimming Pool re-opens on
Tuesday 14th August 2007 at 12noon.

It has been closed for some 18 weeks for refurbishment.

It is now managed by Vision, see here, and also for details of the other leisure facilities under its wing.
And for nostalgia click here.


  1. Second time of trying to post this: is the refurbishment going to include the foetid, garbage and graffiti-attracting doorway of the pool by the bus-stop?

  2. Judith,
    I believe not.
    This "unused" part of the building was touted at one time as a possible location for a new Public Toilet to replace the one sold by the council for housing development.

    Such maintenance does not seem to be a priority in Barkingside High Street at present.

  3. Judith it's all testimony to the cleaner, greener borough.

  4. At the time of the "Re-Branding" I do recall asking "Cleaner, Greener and Better than what exactly?"

    Without a benchmark these terms are meaningless, they are expensive Consultant drivel.

    They are a hollow reflection of our so-called enlightened and "educated" modern society.

  5. Is it possible we could all agree on the name of somebody we do NOT want to see in the water on re-opening day (unless of course wearing concrete swimming trunks with a lead lining!).

  6. He's got 'em on a list
    He's got 'em on a list
    And they'll NONE of 'em be missed
    They'll NONE of 'em be missed!

  7. It would appear that this doorway is already being used as a public toilet and vomitarium.

    Why do you want to pollute the pool water with useless poolleticians (weak joke)?

    I would suggest rolling them in the Canada Goose detritus so lavishly deposited around Fairlop Waters. Why on earth are these foul fowls protected?

  8. "Missed" does not have to be a negative experience!

  9. Judith - taking the **** perhaps?