Sunday, July 29, 2007

How's Business?

a view of Barkingside High Street asks Dorothea.

“Ask many small business-people that at the moment and you won’t get a happy answer. Not if they’re the kind of small business that provides ordinary people with simple, fairly basic items. But ask big business (eg supermarkets), or those who cater to the wealthy, and you will generally hear that everything is great.”

At the risk of upsetting my old pal Laing, she also links to a solid piece in the Daily Mail about how our economy is underpinned by… well Hot Air, Humbug, BullSh**! Blair’s legacy is apparently, that we are now a nation of Hairdressers. Anyone else read Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy? And it lists Blair’s seven deadly daydreams. Have a peek if just for the cartoon.

Perhaps this is the catalyst for the ressurection of the Barkingside Business Partnership, see their new website here. Our High Street should be the centre of our community. Let’s help them make it so. Think Global, Shop Local. Use it or lose it. Your choice.

I think I might draw the line at stunts like this though, even though it is highlighting unneccessary packaging. Naked people are just so untidy.

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  1. Barkingside Business Partnership

    I thank you for your comments regarding the Partnership website and hope that the public will be just as interested in the SPECIAL OFFERS / COUPONS section that we will be making live in the next 2 weeks.

    We will make the High Street a better place and we hope to see you all in it shopping

    Martin BBP