Thursday, May 10, 2007


potatoesBaked, mashed, boiled, jacket, chips: a highly nutritious part of our diet, but up to now NOT genetically modified. This has been the result of a highly successful campaign by the British public that has kept [so far] the British countryside free of Genetically Modified crops, and has forced the supermarkets to remove from their shelves any product containing GM ingredients.

But alas, government by stealth is still alive; we really do have to keep our eye on these people. You may think the message has been received, but it has merely been put in the pending tray prior to removal to the [recycling?] bin.

This Spring, German based chemical company BASF plans to grow trials of GM potatoes at two locations, one at the other end of the M11 in Cambridge and another just outside of Hull, Yorkshire. BASF state that the trial will in part be used 'to gather environmental data required to obtain commercial approval for the GM potatoes.' But it’s not just their environment at risk, it is also ours and a whole bunch of other animal and plant species upon which we depend. GM crop trials - for whatever end - could have a devastating impact on our eco-structure. Once sown, you cannot go back, this is not a computer game, there is no restart button.
GM crops will, in all likelihood, cross-pollinate with conventional and organic crops; GM genes are likely to be transferred to wild relatives of domestic crops, GM genes will also transfer to soil bacteria and to gut flora in the stomach lining of human beings. That’s you, wanna risk it?
We’ve banned asbestos and a whole bunch of other stuff, we are about to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces: in this increasingly risk averse society this just does not make sense.

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