Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fairlop Waters – Feedback

children at playThe statistics suite for this blog show that there continues to be a considerable number of visits from people looking for information about Al’s Adventure Playhouse, which was shut down last December on Health and Safety grounds. Your secretary has passed this information on to Louise Waller citing it as evidence that there is considerable interest in a such a facility and that it should feature strongly in any thoughts and plans for the future.
She confirms that “some sort of replacement for Al's does seem to be coming across consistently in our consultation.”
Cllr Vanessa Cole adds “So far, the message coming from the public at the meetings is 'keep what is there, but improve it!' Certainly the public want Fairlop Waters to encourage children and families.”


  1. Here's some more feedback for you.
    I recently spent two days at the Fairlop Waters public room above the bar, doing my 3-yearly first aid at work reassessment. I was appalled by the state of the footpath which leads from the road to the bar (or clubhouse or whatever it's called). The tarmac is overgrown in places and is little better than a rubble trail where it is exposed. It is extremely difficult to walk on and the danger of a trip or a twisted ankle is very real. It is an absolute disgrace and needs sorting out fast, before there is an accident. Also, a footpath in this poor state of repair says to every potential visitor on foot: "Car drivers only"! Is this really the message our allegedly green council wants to get across?

  2. Yes, pedestrian access is poor all round, especially with a pram or wheelchair, with pavement only on the opposite side of Forest Road and no pedestrian crossing.