Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gravel Pit – Nature Reserve

a wildflower meadowThe sand and gravel extraction at Aldborough Hall Farm will soon be coming to an end. The original planning application required Lefarge Aggregates to restore the land on completion of the extraction so that it was fit for agricultural use. Now a new planning application is being considered where part of the land would be a leisure conservation area. Aldborough Hall Farm is in Aldborough Road North and the land being excavated backs onto the gardens of houses in Applegarth Drive and Bawdsey Avenue, and extends up to Painters Road.
We understand that it is proposed that part of the land will revert to agricultural use, possibly an acre or so near the farm and the area where excavation has not taken place abutting onto the gardens in Applegarth Drive and Bawdsey Avenue. The remainder of the land will be a leisure conservation area for bird and wildlife, with meadows, ponds and woodland.
It is no surprise that the land is not to revert to agricultural use only as farming is often not a viable option in the present economic climate. There will be few residents – if any – who would object to the proposal to develop the area for leisure conservation, although some may have reservations about specific aspects of the planning application – and the consultation will provide the opportunity for these to be aired and discussed.

Public Exhibition and Consultation
on the future of Aldborough Hall Farm
Friday 16th March – 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 17th March – 9.30am to 12noon
The Tea Thyme Tea Rooms
at Aldborough Hall Farm,
Aldborough Road North

Please do not miss this opportunity to find out what the future holds for this valuable community asset and open space. Everyone welcome to attend

[Summarised from Aldborough Hatch Defence Association newsletter number 18]

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